Send Payment reminders

Avoid unpaid bills, reduce your costs and the number of outstanding invoices by sending payment reminders via automated voice calls or SMS.

Stop wasting time & money

Unpaid invoices are expensive, not only because they affect your cash flow, but also because they need extra follow-up.

Stop using old legacy ways to inform your clients about an outstanding invoice, use automated payment reminders.

Choose when you want to send your message, specify which channels you want to use and payment reminders will be sent automatically.

Integrate payment link

Get paid in one click thanks to the integrated payment link. 

Payment link is automatically included in your SMS or mail in your payment reminder. End-users follow the link to pay their invoice using Bancontact or other payment methods.

Benefits of payment reminders

Use automated voice call, SMS, mail or a mutichannel strategy to send payment reminders. Fast, easy and cost effective.


Reports with clear statistics ensure optimisation. We offer you a detailed and structured report of every campaign.

No installation

The solution works through our Cloud platform, no need to install software yourself.


Increase client relationships by addressing your customers in a personalised way.

Updated Database

Collect and validate information about your clients in real time.

Satisfied clients

Clients experience payment recall as a positive service.

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