Avoid unpaid bills with reminders

Save time and money by sending automated payment reminders.

Avoid unpaid bills with payment reminders

Payment Reminders by SMS

Unpaid invoices cost businesses money and time. They impact cash flow and also require additional follow-up.
As you know, managing these unpaid invoices can quickly become a nightmare for companies.

Implementing SMS payment reminders can limit these losses and even ensure up to a 50% payment rate on time.
And your agents will have a lot more time for value-added tasks!


Payment Reminders for everyone

No matter the industry, every company has invoices. And so do unpaid invoices. Whether you have a finance department or not, with a payment reminder solution, you can reduce the time spent dealing with unpaid invoices, increase the number of invoices paid on time and reduce errors. And, on top of that, you’ll provide a better service and improve customer experience.



Retail & e-commerce

Staffing & HR

Benefits that pay off

Send payment reminders via SMS to avoid unpaid bills and reduce your costs.


Increase your productivity

With automated payment reminders, you free up time for more complex, value-added tasks that matter to your business.

Effectively reduce late payments

Simple to set up and effective, a system of payment reminders by SMS, call or email allows you to reduce late payments.

Improve customer satisfaction

Late payments are mostly oversights. Reminders are then useful and appreciated. So make them personalized with real added value.

Continuously improve your service

With a professional tool, you can gain valuable insights and make adjustments as quickly as possible to ensure quality service at all times.

If you need it, you’ll find it

Some features are useful. This is why you can find them in our platform.
Do you need something else? Ask it, we make it for you.

One click payment thanks to automatically integrated and secured links (Bancontact, Payconiq…)

Scheduling and choice of reminder channel to match your customers’ preferences

2 way SMS to receive
information from your customers


Create successful
payment reminders


Provide payment details (invoice number, account number, amount, due date).


Personalize your communication.


Specify the service/product related to the payment.


Pay attention to spelling and grammar.

	"ApiKey": "116407e1-88c2-4330-af50-0ef5ecda1435",
	"Reference" : 12345,
	"TimeScheduled": "2022/06/07 14:20:56",
	"To": "32485123456",
	"Message": "Dear John, an amount of 54€ 
	is due since 28/05/2022. Please pay the 
	invoice n°432 before the end of the month. 
	Thank you"


Payment reminders:
a simple and efficient solution 

With the SMS API, our SMS sending solution is compatible with all systems. And you can do it all yourself: generate your API key, integrate it into your system and you’re ready. You can send your payment reminders via SMS directly from your system.

Choose when you want to send your messages, which channel you want to send them through and you’re done! Your payment reminders will be sent automatically.

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