Use payment link

If you want to improve the efficiency of your payment reminders, add payment links directly into your favourite channel. Add a payment link to an outstanding payment reminder by SMS, Whatsapp, Mail or QR code.

What is a payment link?

A payment link or SMS payment is a message with pay link. It is mainly used in payment reminders. If your clients forget to pay an invoice, you can sent an SMS with the directly integrated payment link.

With this payment link, customers are able to pay quickly their unpaid bills. Online payments are safe. We are connected with Payconiq by Bancontact app and also with mobile banking app.

How to create a payment link?

How do you send a payment link and how to create it? In a few steps, insert a link for your customers to pay in your SMS payment reminder.

Share the payment link from an integrated application with your customers. No need to enter manual data and no mistakes possible thanks to the prefilled Payment data. Simple and efficient, customers pay from anywhere and you are guaranteed to receive your payments in complete security.

Get paid and analyse returns

Thanks to a meaningful dashboard, track the usage of the generated payment links. We really want to help you highlight strengths and weak points of your payment reminders with payment links.

Thanks to an efficient dashboard, you will have a clear view of the statistics of the payment links that have been sent to your customers via the different channels.

How fast was your link clicked? How fast is the payment made by your customer? What is the paid/unpaid amount? These are examples of questions that the dashboard can answer at a glance.

Benefits of payment reminders

Create your payment link in your favourite communication channel. This efficient payment link for business will help you get paid.



Clear view of the statistics and returns of the payment links

Quick integration

The integration of the payment link is done quickly and does not require any special skills, we take care of everything!

Updated Database

Collect and validate information about your clients in real time.

Satisfied clients

Allow your clients to pay in a few clicks. Paying a bill will be fast and easy!

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