Personalize your phone calls with Smart IVR

Improve customer experience and productivity with automated inbound calls and collected data thanks to a Smart IVR system.

Smart IVR
What is IVR?

Managing your customers’ self-service calls allows you to increase their satisfaction. And that’s exactly what Smart IVR (for Interactive Voice Response) can do. With this technology, you can interact with your contacts in an automated way, by voice. And even “react” to the caller’s actions: pressing the phone keys, voice recognition or phone number recognition… everything is possible! And for the answers too. This can range from routing a call to the right correspondent to complex actions linked to external data collected by the system.

Automate your processes
with Smart IVR

With Interactive Voice Response, you can simplify many processes by automating them.
In addition, voice allows you to keep a more personal touch to the interaction.


Automate basic requests and customer support questions.

Caller Routing

Create unique call paths based on caller specific responses.

Call Data

Activate credit cards, conduct phone surveys and other actions.


Make outbound calls for alerts, payment reminders…


Collect and analyze all calls data, performance, volumes…

Why use IVR?

Smart interactive voice server systems can improve your business in many ways. For example, for your marketing campaigns, lead scoring or for your customer service. Many companies are digitizing and automating their processes. Combining Interactive Voice Response with other solutions such as outbound calls or SMS campaigns can have a real impact on your business.

Deliver a quality customer experience

With (Smart) IVR, your customers can reach you at any time and receive personalized support.

Reduce the workload of your teams

Automating certain requests and providing self-service options reduces workload.

Create personalized customer journeys

Easily connect all your customers’ conversations with a bot or a human thanks to IVR.

Keep control of the whole call traffic

With Smart IVR, everything is under control: calls are directly qualified and handled.


What can you do with
Smart IVR?

Simple and effective, interactive voice server systems are useful in many jobs and can be adapted to many tasks. Curious to know what (Smart) IVR can do for you and your daily tasks? Contact our experts and let’s find out together how our solutions can help you support your business!

Marketing: conduct satisfaction surveys by phone, organize contests with a voice menu, promote a new product…

Sales: filter and sort incoming calls to support sales teams, collect valuable data on your correspondents…

Customer Service: organize the management of inbound and outbound calls with an automation solution…

Logistics: remind your customers by phone to order products to be renewed or perishable goods…

It’s smart and it works

(Smart) IVR systems are used to answer customer calls, collect and provide caller information. They help guide the caller through various steps before eventually transferring the call to a human agent. But there are also options available to make your Interactive Voice Response user-friendly and even closer to your customers.

Audio libraries

Use variable messages with audio libraries. Let your callers choose options such as language, department… Smart Interactive Voice Response systems also allow you to automatically transfer calls to human agents.

Pre-recorded information

Record frequent messages in text-to-speech or Voice Studio and play back this pre-recorded information with the IVR. And make it easy for your users to find answers to their questions with self-service.


Combine Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with SMS, outbound calls or bots to confirm or provide information. Easily share payment links, conduct satisfaction or NPS surveys or marketing campaigns.

There are many advantages

Process improvement

Define a call path and use the data to provide self-service information.

Customized interface

Use your own custom interface through our dedicated and secure portal.

Customer experience

Reduce call and hold times and provide a better customer experience.

Unlimited number of campaigns

Define the number of calls per min/hr and make up to 10,000 simultaneous calls per business day.

Reduce call costs

Improve processes by making a large number of calls in minutes.

Lead generation

Transfer calls to an agent and turn an outbound call into a qualified inbound call.

The future of IVR:
the virtual voice agent

Already have an IVR system? Great! But did you know that you could do even better? Yes, with a voice virtual agent! For inbound and even outbound calls, this solution allows you to optimize the customer experience to its best level. With a voice virtual agent, call reception goes beyond simple routing. The robot analyzes the request to directly answer the question or direct the caller to the right person. Efficient and productive!


All our voice solutions

Smart IVR

Smart IVR

Save more time
with a self-service voice solution.

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Call Campaign Manager

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Virtual voice agent

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Offer the future of
interaction with a voice
robot solution.

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