Customer Survey & Net Promoter Score®

Improve customer satisfaction by using NPS and satisfaction surveys.

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score®. It is the easiest way to measure customer loyalty.

Analyse customer loyalty

Use NPS score and measure customers’ willingness to recommend your products or services to others.

Increase response rates of your questionnaires thanks to only one question asked to the customer. Response rates are generally higher than with a more sophisticated survey.

Benefits of customer suveys & NPS score

Use automated voice call, SMS, mail or multiple channels to find out how satisfied your customers are with your services.


Relevant to everyone

NPS’s scoring system is easy to use and relevant for every customer

Gives direction

Improve your business with customers’ feedback.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Your customers will appreciate being involved in the improvement of your services.

Fast & Easy

Customer surveys rarely takes more than five minutes to complete.

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