Manage crisis communication

Need to send a message during an emergency? Use the crisis communication center by RingRing.

Send important information to several stakeholders at once by SMS or Voice. Never miss a critical communication again with our crisis management system.


Notify users by SMS during crisis

In times of crisis, there is a clear increase in internal and external communication. Using SMS to notify your stakeholders is an effective solution. Open rate of direct message is 97%. SMS is one of the most advantageous channels in times of crisis.

With our worldwide connections, send your messages to all foreign operators. Segment your database and inform the right person at the right time!

Use Interactive Voice response during crisis

In a crisis situation, it can be difficult to quickly handle unexpected and high volumes of incoming calls. IVR can be an effective solution to broadcast crisis calls.

RingRing provides a complete emergency communication solution to interact with customers, partners, employees or citizens.


Crisis management plan

When dealing with an emergency or a difficult situation, it’s important to act in an organised way. Crisis communication can be really effective, if properly used. The importance of being prepared is centric. Firstly, you need to put together a crisis management plan. Also, you need to analyse and understand the situation. Stay human and communicate in an informed manner. Finally, use the right communication channels.

Creating crisis management strategies is a very sensitive issue. That’s why we offer a complete crisis management solution tailored to your needs. We act quickly and efficiently. We select the most appropriate channel for your sector. You can warn your users via bulk SMS, automated calls, IVR and much more.

Benefits of crisis communication and management

Master your sensitive communications with the crisis communication tool. Gain full control over your external communication.


As soon as the recipient receives the message (SMS, voice or other channel) you are informed.


Mass messages

Broadcast your message to a large number of recipients both by SMS or voice call.


Fast & Easy

Easily create your message, send it quickly and get direct results.


Multi channel

The crisis communication message can be sent via various channels depending on the information and the target.

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