Call Campaign Manager

Automate your call campaigns and improve the efficiency of your teams.

Send and monitor inbound or outbound calls via a user-friendly web interface. Personalise your workflow and use our cross-channel communication to to deliver perfectly your information.

Improve your strategy

Using the Call Campaign Manager solution allows you to save time by not wasting it on waiting calls.

Our application allows you to make automatic calls. Through a personalised system the call can be forwarded to the right person internally or outside your company or even simply leave a voice or text message on the caller’s number.

Benefits of Call Campaign Manager

Using Call Campaign Manager for your automated inbound or outbounds calls allows you to optimise the planning of your taskforce.

Use automatic calls to be more efficient and waste less time.


Efficient and cost-effective

Inbound and outbound calls are managed to avoid unnecessary interactions.   

Increase customer satisfaction

Call customers before they have to call you and reduce the waste of time in phone queues.


Increase performance

With a response rate of 80% to automated calls, make sure your information is heard.

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