Reduce no-shows with appointment reminders

Reduce up to 50% of no-shows with automated appointment reminders per SMS.

Appointment reminders

Remind appointments with SMS

No-shows are a serious problem in many businesses. Because if someone doesn’t show up for an appointment, it is time and money lost.

Sending appointment reminders by SMS is a great solution to limit no-shows. These notifications are also
a way to offer a service to customers. Simple and highly effective, you won’t be able to do without it!


Appointment reminders: not only for healthcare

SMS reminders are widely used in the health sector. But it is for any business. Why not yours?



Retail & e-commerce

Staffing & HR

One solution, many advantages

Take advantage of the effectiveness of SMS or phone call reminders.
With them, you can reduce no-shows and increase customer satisfaction.


Reduce no-shows

SMS reminders help your customers not forget their appointment. Or cancel it in time to find a replacement.

Maximize your ROI

Simple, but effective, SMS appointment reminders quickly provide you a huge return on investment.


Increase your productivity

With automated SMS, you free up time to focus on tasks that matter. And add value to your business.

Improve satisfaction

Offer a personalized experience with real added value to your customers with SMS notifications.

Enhance your service

With a professional tool, you get valuable insights and make adjustments to ensure quality service at all times.

Appointment reminders

One reminder,
endless options 


Give all appointment details

Integrate links in your SMS


Allow 2 ways SMS

Insert link tracking


A solution
that fits you

Our SMS solution fits perfectly into all systems with SMS API. Create your own API key and integrate it into your system. And that’s it. Your SMS reminders are directly embedded in your existing system.

	"ApiKey": "116407e1-88c2-4330-af50-0ef5ecda1435",
	"Reference" : 12345,
	"TimeScheduled": "2022/06/07 14:20:56",
	"To": "32485123456",
	"Message": "This is a reminder
	of your appointment on 14/06/2022 
	at 1.p.m with Dr. Doe."


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