RingRing solutions

Find the ideal automated business solution based on your needs and sector.

Process improvement

Appointment reminder

Reduce no-shows significantly with the automated appointment reminders solutions

Payment reminder

Reduce costs and improve your ROI by sending automated payment reminders

Contract or Subscription reminder

Boost sales results and avoid incomplete contracts with effective SMS subscription reminders

Customer experience

Customer Survey & Net Promotor Score

Increase the adequacy of your offer to your customers’ needs by measuring their satisfaction level

Delivery notifications

Your users won’t miss a delivery anymore thanks to the delivery notifications solution

SMS Marketing

Improve your marketing with our SMS and IVR automated solutions and detailed overview of the expected return


Improve your support and lighten the workload of your teams thanks to the automated Helpdesk

Security & Safety

One-time password

Give an extra layer of security to your business thanks to the OTP – SMS or voice based – solution

Crisis Communication

Enhance security in your company effectively and alert all your stakeholders with automated alerts


Offer your customers an automated hotline that puts them in direct contact with the on-call person 

Intelligent interactions

Smart I.V.R.

The smart IVR uses the power of data to simplify navigation in the IVR and save you and your customers time

Call Campaign Manager

Call multiple contacts simultaneously and deliver a standard message to them before potentially forwarding them to an agent

Customer Self Service

Allow your users to answer their questions independently thanks to the automated self service

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