Using SMS Notifications To Inform Credit Card Holders Of The Status Of Their Spending

Send push notifications to inform your credit card holders

How to check the status of expenses on a consumer credit card? How do you notify the consumer when the amount on the card reaches a certain level? Above all, what fast and efficient channel should be used for this type of request? SMS notifications are an efficient way to communicate quickly with customers and inform about their credit card status. Discover how SMS push notifications improved a client’s services. 

Provide information to end users, all the time

One of our Retail customers has its own credit card system. The retailer wanted to communicate with credit card holders to provide account information. He wanted to send notifications about their transactions, remaining credit, top-ups etc. at any time. To do so, it was necessary to find a fast and efficient channel used by the majority of this retailer’s customers. This is where SMS notifications come into play.

Why not trying automatic notifications?

In order to be able to notify customers via message, we implemented an API to be integrated directly into the retailer’s system. We have set up push notifications to provide people with their balance status. When people try to pay an amount above their limit, they receive an automatic SMS notification to notify them of the amount remaining on the card. This service is connected through secured web services.

Instant SMS Notifications

Credit card holders receive instant notifications about their credit shortage. Moreover, the retailer can communicate one-to-one with its end customers. He can adjust credit contracts easily if necessary. In this way, the retailer has a clear insight into the needs of his customers. If he wants to go further, this SMS service can possibly be redirected to more advanced calls and qualified agents.

On the other hand, the customer can easily be kept up to date on all changes in relation to his card. Both parties are satisfied with this automated SMS system.

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