Avoid the flood of incoming calls for your customers after Covid-19

How to control the increase of incoming calls and keep happy customers?

Have you ever faced a flood of incoming calls and unhappy customers waiting on the phone? In this case, we helped one of our customers managing a high number of incoming demands from his customers. Discover the best way to handle multiple incoming calls.

In the case of one of our clients, we realised that requests for appointments were pouring in. This type of requests is frequent and in all types of sectors. Many professionals: psychologists, dentists, hairdressers, estheticians, household helpers … have to deal with appointment requests. Also, bigger industries with call centers such as gas and electricity networks, car dealers, telecom have to manage incoming calls for various reasons. Looking at the agenda, the availabilities, find a date that suits everyone takes time. Above all avoid the no show, all this can quickly be a waste of time and efficiency. In response to this, we have set up a communication platform where the client is guided in 2 steps when planning an appointment.

« I’d like to make an appointment for my maintenance »


Customers receive an SMS or automatically recorded message (voice) stating that they will be contacted shortly to schedule an appointment. This avoids customers contacting the company themselves. It’s a much more proactive way to manage your customers. First of all, it prevents customers from calling your central themselves. Secondly, it avoids not being able to respond quickly to customer requests.

« Dear client, we will contact you shortly to schedule an appointment for your maintenance. »


The second step is planning. An automatic phone call is made to your customers asking if they wish to schedule an appointment. If the answer is positive, this call can be forwarded to a customer service employee. Then, the employee takes care of scheduling the appointment.

« Dear customer, this is an automatic message from your company, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.
Press 1 to be connected to an employee
Press 2 to opt out »


Once the appointment is taken, an SMS confirming the appointment will be sent back to avoid absences during this busy period. Finally, an appointment reminder can be sent. As your customers will certainly take many different appointments, it is essential to remind of this appointment. This message will be very appreciated by both parties.

Want to avoid the huge flow of incoming calls ?

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