How To Use Automated Reminder Calls For Late Payments?

How to use automated reminder calls for late payments?

How to handle a large number of outstanding invoices? In times of crisis and even as a general rule, some customers find it difficult to pay their bills. The growing number of unpaid bills can put you in trouble. How can you avoid ineffective reminders? Have you thought about automated reminder calls?

Call your customers to remind their outstanding invoices

Forgetting a bill can happen to anyone. That’s why reminders exist. However, invoice reminders via post or email are often expensive and inefficient. Automated payment reminders prevent chasing customers. In addition, reminders are generally appreciated by customers. Reminders of payments per call make your business look more professional. Sending reminders via SMS and call back is a sign of your professionalism. But above all, it shows that you are attentive to your customers on an individual level. Finally, a short voice message is clear, and you can be sure that the customer hears the message.

« Dear client, your outstanding invoice number 12883 is still unpaid. Please pay it before 20/06/2020. You can find your invoice on your mailbox or client account »

Propose an alternative

A very large number of different sectors will be affected by the confinement period. It also means that many companies will have difficulty paying their bills. To help every sector, we have set up an alternative where the customer can choose a payment plan or other suitable options. 

After a first (or several) call reminders, you can propose an alternative to get paid. After a rough period, people would love you take in account their difficulties. And you can be sure to get paid, even in several steps.

« Dear customer, this is an automatic message from [company name], we contact you regarding your unpaid invoices n°314 and 315 »

« If you have already paid, type 1. If you intend to pay, type 2 so that we send you an SMS with the payment information. Do you want to pay in installments? Type 3 »

How do you send a call reminder?

Setting up automated reminders is quite simple – once you have identified unpaid invoices within your company, you will have a list of overdue payers. You then transfer this complete list with the phone numbers of your customers. We take care of the rest.

Efficient automated voice calls

When your calling campaign starts. It automatically calls customers with unpaid bills. They then have several payment options. If your customer wants to pay after listening to the message instantly, a reminder SMS can be sent. You can even integrate a payment link into it. The customer pays in just 3 clicks! Definitely, automating this process through voice broadcasting can save companies time and money.

Want to avoid late payments ?

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