Use cases

Discover our use cases to improve your business communications. Get inspired by concrete cases and apply them to your business.

SMS Notifications to keep your customers up-to-date

Send push notifications to inform your credit card holders about their expenses
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How you are going to boost your sales

Boost your sales thanks to SMS marketing and other outbound messaging techniques

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Automate your HR processes

Stop wasting valuable time in manual processes and automate simple processes
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Automated Reminder calls for late payments

Automated call reminders to avoid late payments are an efficient tool. Discover in this use case how you send a call reminder & how it increases cash flow.

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Reduce the number of outstanding invoices

A lot of companies have unpaid bills. How handle that ? Why not using payment reminders by SMS?

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Avoid flood of incoming calls

Reach customers with broadcasted messages, outbound calls and optional IVR feedback

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