VOO: contact centre moved to telework

The recent coronavirus crisis has transformed the way businesses operate. Even more so, call centers. Faced with the crisis, a system had to be quickly put in place to enable VOO agents in Wallonia Data Contact Center to work in complete security from home. In one weekend, Odigo and RingRing completed this project.

VOO is a Belgium based telecom company focused on the French part of Belgium. VOO invests a lot in training of agents of their contact center located in Herstal. As a result, it is the knowledge of the agent that serves the customer support, not a script. Geert De Saedeleer, director customer care at VOO since 2013, wants to guarantee the best support possible to his clients. That’s why it requires a 100% available and efficient call center. Both in the technical field (fixed and mobile) as well as the move process or the digital interactions with customers. This in collaboration with Gregory Snyers. Who does the same in the billing areas, fraud and part of the admin services. The goal at VOO is clear: “Be the number one by customer preference for telecom services in Wallonia. We want to do better every day, and when we’re good, we want to get even better” announces Geert. It was to become even better that they called RingRing to move their contact center to telework.

VOO contact centre moved to telework : cloud contact centre

« Be the number one by customer preference for telecom services in Wallonia. We want to do better every day, and when we’re good, we want to get even better »

Geert de Saedeleer, director customer care at VOO

Week-end of implementation

Agents working remotely


Teleworking contact center

Challenge : move the contact center to telework as soon as possible

“Before the coronavirus crisis we did not have technological solutions to start the teleworking of our agents” announces Geert. Faced with the coronavirus crisis, they had to step up the pace. They needed a solution to make all the agents work from home. Geert and his colleagues looked for several solutions.

Solution: The RingRing & Odigo cloud contact center

The director customer care decides to contact Patrice Huybrechts, CEO of RingRing to find a way for moving their call center to telework. Given the urgency of the situation, everything happened very quickly. “The 16th of March I contacted Patrice Huybrechts , and explained my problem. Then, the day after, Geoffroy Docq (COO RingRing) came with a potential solution via the Odigo platform and a concrete proposal was on the table. As of Thursday, 18th of March we start working on the development of the teleworking solution” explains Geert.

Switch to a cloud-based contact center and be closer thane ever to your customers

VOO call center transformed into cloud contact centre
VOO Contact Centre in Herstal was the first one to be moved from the field to full telework

In one weekend, the company went from a field-based call center to a 100% teleworking call center. The first testing took place on Saturday 21st of March. “That was the moment where we realised of the exceptional collaboration that was installed between VOO, RingRing and Odigo” tells Geert. “All people implicated in the project worked all Saturday. At 7.15 PM we had a successful test.” By Monday, the agents were sent home. Indeed, a team of 100 call center agents were teleworking. VOO continues to add people to this solution which is extremely stable.

How does the contact center works in telework?

VOO qualifies the calls based on their criteria. Afterwards, they send the calls to the Odigo platform. Odigo manages call queues. They send a call to the first agent available to handle it. Thanks to the Odigo platform, agents can now work from home and receive calls on their private phones. Above all, the files are processed securely. Furthermore, supervisors, can follow the situation from home in real time. So, they can intervene if necessary.

Result: Cost Savings, Satisfied agents and Outstanding support.

It’s the first time the VOO contact center operated an optimal telecommuting arrangement. In the crisis we are currently experiencing, it was the right time to launch this telework solution. The results are not long in coming:

  • At the beginning, absenteeism rate rate dropped by almost 50%. Call center agents were able to work from home in complete safety.
  • In addition, the agents are satisfied and the internal reactions within VOO have been very positive.
  • More agents were able to work from home than originally planned. At last count, 188 agents are working remotely.
  • As the solution is a success, it has been extended to several departments.

« I am extremely satisfied about this collaboration. The speed of proposal, the implication even in weekend, it was a great experience for all parties. Even after launch we see great follow up at any time. »

Geert De Saedeleer, director customer care at VOO

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