Viessmann: Customer Satisfaction Survey for After-Sales Confidence
Viessmann is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. With more than 12,000 employees worldwide, the company’s ambition is to create a living space for future generations. And, for today’s generation too, by providing a quality service. To ensure this, they have implemented a customer satisfaction survey system to align their service with customer expectations.

In a competitive sector, Viessmann has been able to differentiate itself by focusing on research and development, sustainability, digitalisation, many products and finally services and high quality consultancy.

With more than 40 technicians on the field and more than 20,000 operations per year in Belgium, it was essential for Viessmann Belgium to ensure that their service and operation were good. They therefore trusted RingRing to implement satisfaction surveys. So, besides assessing the level of customer satisfaction, this tool is also an excellent way to evaluate the functioning of the after-sales department.

“The implementation of the solution by RingRing was quick and the development was smooth.”

Laurent Vercruysse, Technical Manager

Employees worldwide

Operations per year

Surveys per year

Challenge: Get a correct perception of service quality in-house by measuring customer satisfaction

In this rather negative environment, it was essential for Viessmann to evaluate the real customer satisfaction rate following operations to correct the distorted perception within the company. And to provide a better customer experience.

So customer satisfaction surveys were a good solution to implement.

“We wanted to know how our customers felt about the quality of the service.”

Laurent Vercruysse, Technical Manager

Want to know more about surveys and how could you implement them in your company?

Chatbot for HR
Viessman wants to know what customers think about engineers’ operations.
With customer satisfaction surveys, they get it and much more. 

Solution: Implementation of satisfaction surveys based on the NPS® score after service operations

To ensure a high quality service, we have introduced a customer satisfaction system in the after-sales service. Mainly for technical support.

Out of 500 operations, 100 customers are randomly selected to participate in the survey. A system has been set up to provide the customer’s contact details in an automated way to the after-sales service.

In the SMS message, only three questions from a list of seven questions are asked to the customers. Two questions concern the performance of the operation (planning, technician, etc.) and the last one is the NPS® question. This question is used to obtain the famous NPS® score.

To evaluate the level of satisfaction, the system provides access to comprehensive and easy-to-read reporting. Besides measuring the level of customer satisfaction, these surveys and reports also provide a view of the performance of engineers. Thanks to this, the engineers can get feedback on their operations and therefore can improve themselves. The benefit is double.


What is the NPS® score and what is it used for?

NPS® (for Net Promoter Score®) is a method that evaluates the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s product or service. It measures the customer loyalty.

It is calculated on the base of your customers answers the question, “How likely is it – on a scale from 0 to 10 – that you would recommend our customer service to a friend or a colleague?”

Your customers are then divided in three categories:

  • Promoters score very high (9 or 10) and are very likely to recommend your company. They are your most loyal customers
  • Passives give you a 7 or an 8. They are recurrent customers that could go to competition
  • Detractors rate you a 6 or less. They are not satisfied with your services and can damage your brand image..

To get your NPS®, you just need to subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. It’s that simple.

You will get a result that allows you to measure long-term satisfaction.


Initially, Viessmann wanted to get a correct perception from their customers about the engineers’ operations and thus validate the functioning of their after-sales department. But they got much more. By setting up satisfaction surveys, Viessmann can now measure customer satisfaction, but they also have a tool for evaluating their engineers so that they can improve their service even further.

A story that is not yet over…


“We are happy with the result, the process of setting up the system and the way it continues to work.”

Laurent Vercruysse, Technical Manager


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