Mass SMS service used to communicate with volunteers

To contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 virus, the Brussels Region has set up a production line for anti-projection masks. Indeed, the hospital sector is facing a shortage of masks on an international scale. EcoRes and Travie coordinate a collaborative production chain. In order to achieve this project and to send mass messages to all the volunteers, the team needed the bulk SMS service from RingRing.

Bulk SMS service for a volunteer project

RingRing is a partner of the Masks.Coronavirus.Brussels operation. A consortium of Belgian companies, cooperatives and institutions organise the project. The goal? To produce more than 100,000 reusable anti-projection masks, with the collaboration of 1,500 volunteer seamstresses. RingRing has implemented an SMS service in order to support this project.

In order to facilitate the dialogue between the coordination team and the 1,500 citizens involved in this humanitarian challenge, an agile technology was needed. Thanks to SMS service, employees can communicate quickly and efficiently with a large number of users.

Volunteers participate in the project so far


Deliverability of text message

Effective & clear messages

RingRing’s SMS application allows the collaborators to send targeted messages to volunteers who have finished producing their first kits. To encourage volunteers who encounter more difficulties with the kits, bulk SMS service is efficient. Also, to inform the volunteers of the next deliveries.

Why using bulk SMS service?

For the coordination team of the project, mass SMS service is more interactive and efficient than emails. Effectively, users often consider email as spam or lower priority. Let’s not forget that SMS remains the service with the highest opening rate. The deliverability (very important in this case) is also 99.9%.

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SMS service to connect with volunteers
First delivery of masks by Emmanuel Mossay

« RingRing SMS application is very responsive, efficient and professional »

Emmanuel Mossay, initiator & coordinator of Masks.Coronavirus.Brussels

The creation of kits for the mask production

  • First, Travie takes care of the pre-cutting of the materials.
  • Than, Urbike delivers the kits to a network of pre-qualified volunteers who do the sewing at home.
  • Urbike takes care of the recovery of the masks from the volunteers.
  • After a quality control, masks are available to the Brussels government.
  • Finally, the government ensures distribution via Iriscare to institutions and services identified as priorities.

How can I participate?

The goal is to get as many masks as possible as quickly as possible. If you have a basic knowledge of sewing: 5 minutes are enough to make a mask. About 2 to 3 hours of work would be ideal per person. So, if you want to dedicate your time to support hospitals, doctors and patients. If you have time, participate to the action!

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