SD Worx: ensure system security with OTP via SMS

As a leading European provider of payroll and HR solutions, SD Worx delivers people solutions across the entire employee lifecycle. With more than 80 000 customers, 6 500 employees and highly sensitive data to process, SD Worx must ensure the security of access to its system. With RingRing they have found an efficient and stable solution to ensure the secure access of its system users. They have decided to send OTPs (One Time Password) via SMS.

SD Worx is a key player in the world of human resources. So SD Worx manages the sensitive information of many companies and their employees worldwide. To enable processing, all this data is accessible to SD Worx employees on a secure system with a 2FA. In this case, we talk about OTP sent by SMS. But the situation requires more than just an extra layer of security. Especially since today’s security requirements are increasingly demanding. And the needs of SD Worx are much higher. SD Worx chose to work with RingRing because of its efficient, stable and comprehensive solution of OTP via SMS.

“All went very easy (…) and everything worked immediately as expected.”

Serge Van Kampen, Product Owner

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Challenge: Provide secure portal access for thousands of users worldwide

Everyday thousands of people log on to SD Worx systems. Companies, employees of these companies and SD Worx employees. And the data stored there is highly sensitive. That is why SD Worx wanted to ensure the security of its system from the start. But also to make sure that all users could access the portal.

Accessing a system with a simple password chosen by the user is no longer sufficient. Today, we need an extra layer of security. As an OTP system by SMS for example. But that’s not all. The portal’s users are located all over the world and their number is growing. So, you also need to ensure that you have a security solution that is stable and reliable, as well as global, scalable and affordable. Moreover, for a structure of this size, it is essential to have available and quality support to handle any situation.

“The setup itself in the production environment was just a matter of weeks with hardly any support needed from RingRing.”

Serge Van Kampen, Product Owner

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Solution: Implementation of an SMS API for sending OTPs by SMS

So, to ensure the security of its portal, SD Worx decided to manage user connections to the portal. They chose a 2FA system, by sending OTPs by SMS.

Such a solution needs to work properly and handle the mass of SMS (OTP) messages to be sent and requests to be processed. Furthermore, given the cost of such a large-scale solution, it is essential that the price is also affordable. After positive tests SD Worx chose RingRing as supplier who could meet its needs.

First of all, because we can ensure the secure and successful sending of SMS in very large quantities worldwide. And at a fair price. Moreover, given the number of potential connections per day, it is essential for SD Worx to ensure that all users can access the portal via a secure system.

Another important point is our proactive and high-quality support service. It allows SD Worx to have an overview of possible problems with connections (non-received SMS or connection errors). This is really a key element of such a solution to ensure a high-quality service.

On the other hand, we also meet other requirements such as a system for sending SMS (OTP) by email. This functionality is mainly used for sending SMS alerts and protection in the offices.

The solution was quickly deployed thanks to an SMS API. The API allows the solution to be implemented directly into the company’s system, without having to access a web interface. This makes the actions even faster and easier.

By striving for a first class service, SD Worx has provided its users with an even more efficient solution, wherever they are. By using OPTs sent by SMS, SD Worx ensures secure access to its portal for all its users and, above all, the security of the sensitive data it processes.