Pay For Your Parking in One SMS With 4411

The short number “4411” is a popular shortcode in Belgium. Since 2006, people have been using this number to pay quickly and easily for their parking space, which is now already available in more than 75 cities in Belgium. Whether you are on the road or in a car park, with 4411 you can quickly pay your parking in a few clicks. 4411 is a parking service, active in Belgium and the Netherlands in more than 150 cities and municipalities.

Challenge : facilitate parking payments for all users.


Paying for parking without coins or a payment card was always complicated. The aim was to enable municipalities, towns and various private parkings to simplify payment methods for their users. Users often do not pay their parking because of the lack of cash money, the problem of not owning a debit/credit card or simply because people don’t have the time to wait at the parking meter.

That’s where RingRing comes to the rescue. Via our API SMS integration, we offer the possibility for 4411 to be used as a short code and this way make it easier for drivers to pay their parking. With the instant payment system via SMS, there’s no need to worry about cash or cards or other excuses, even if you don’t have time!

« Being an SMS-service makes the relationship with RingRing very important. We can happily say that we are very satisfied with the results we have obtained by this collaboration »

Fiorina Delia, Brand Manager 4411 at Be-Mobile

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Solution : Users pay directly via the 4411 shortcode.

How does it work?
Each city, town or car park determines its own parking rates. You only pay a small transaction fee (€0,15) to support the 4411 service. The system is very simple and fast:

1. Customers just send the zone code of the area (indicated on the parking meters) and their number plate to 4411.

2. Once the SMS has been sent, parking session will start and customers are at peace. When they pick up their vehicle and leave, they send « Q » (for quit) to the same number.

3. No need for cash or payment card. The parking fee will be added to their phone bill*. Simple and fast!

*Depending on the provider if sending messages to shortcodes is allowed.

Want to know more about SMS shortcodes and how to implement it in your system?

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Parking Payment via SMS 4411

Result: Cost Savings and Satisfied Customers.

With this system in place, paying for parking is done in a single SMS. This simple and fast system allows drivers to pay at any time, anywhere with their smartphone. It is no longer necessary to systematically return to their vehicle to pay for parking. Or to have coins or a credit card. A simple text message is enough.

This is a significant saving of time and money for drivers as well as cities and parkings!

« RingRing has a powerful team that is always prepared to both help and guide us to achieve even better results without any hesitation. »

Fiorina Delia, Brand Manager 4411 at Be-Mobile