Orange RCS: The Brand New Orange Payment Reminder Channel

Orange Belgium, subsidiary of the Orange Group, is one of the leading telecommunication operators on the Belgian market, with over 4 million customers, and in Luxembourg through its subsidiary Orange Communications Luxembourg. As a convergent actor, Orange Belgium provides mobile telecommunication services, internet and TV to private clients, as well as innovative mobile and fixed line services to businesses. To offer an even better experience to its customers, Orange Belgium has launched RCS messaging. RCS is the new generation of SMS for Android devices.

With Chat Messages, Orange Belgium is the first operator to introduce RCS (Rich Communication Services), the new standard for short messages, on the Belgian market. Thanks to Orange’s RCS messaging, Android eligible businesses and end-users have now access to a much richer messaging experience by sending photos, videos, locations and more directly from their per default messaging application. As part of the payment reminder process , Orange wanted to test this new channel with its customers in order to analyse their reactions as well as the advantages of this channel.

« The flexibility of RingRing and their efficiency was proven during the whole project development »

Pierre Alban Kervyn, Connectivity Product Manager


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Challenge: Send personalised payment reminders via RCS to reduce overdue payments of customers

For Orange Belgium, the aim was to carry out the first test with RCS in the context of payment reminders. In order to remind its customers of unpaid bills, Orange currently has an IVR in place. This IVR (interactive voice response), hosted by RingRing, allows calling people who have not paid their bills to offer them various options.

However, in order to adapt to its users and establish a multi-channel strategy, Orange wanted to test the Rich Communication Service in addition to the IVR. On Orange’s side, the challenge was to test a new and very innovative communication channel. The aim was to see if this type of media (RCS) can help with payment reminders. Is it clearer for the customer?, will this solution have more impact for the billingOf course, the main objective is to remind people to pay and to be as reactive as possible.

Want to know more about RCS and how could you implement it your company?

Chatbot for HR
Orange wants to digitalise and improve the performance of its services. With RCS payment reminders, they allow their users to communicate in a modern way.

Solution: Setting up a proof of concept and testing the product

We created the chatbot hand in hand with Orange.  It was important to understand the company’s needs. As we had already collaborated with Orange, we were familiar with their internal processes and the necessary integrations.

After several workshops, we set up the RCS without modifying the IVR payment reminder system in place before. The solution implemented is to send payment reminders via chat to RCS-compatible users. For those who are not compatible, the usual IVR comes into play.


How does a RCS messaging work?

Compared to the SMS where the answer is open, the RCS can already propose a list of suggestions to the customer. In the context of the Orange RCS for a payment reminder, we propose various payment options. At this point, the customer receives a reminder message under these steps:

  • First, he receives a message explaining that he has an open invoice and if he has already paid;
  • Than, the customer answers by “yes” or “no”;
  • Finally, three calls to actions are proposed to the client. 

In this case, option one is to go to the MyOrange app. The second option is to pay by bank transfer. If the customer wants to contact the support service, he chooses the last option. In case the person does not respond to the chat or does not complete the flow, a fallback system is in place. The same IVR is then used that is set up for Orange Belgium at the start.


Orange Belgium RCS for business

Advantages of RCS payment reminders

RCS offers more possibilities and options to the company and its customers. In terms of statistics and analysis, the granularity of the report is very preciseVia the RCS, you can see the status of the message. When it is delivered, displayed, read or clicked. The sender can also see whether the user writes or not. All these data are visible directly in google analytics and allow a complete and multi-channel analysis

By providing new technologies such as RCS, Orange will be able to better understand the customers’ journey and assist them through the process. Gradually, the company will be able to have a much better tracking of the payment reminders. 

Another important point is the safety and reliability of the RCS. Verified senders, such as Orange Belgium, are authenticated by a “V“. When the customer clicks on the sender, the company in this case, he arrives on a page with all the information related to the business. This helps to build a relationship of trust with customers and prevents pishing attempts.


Orange Belgium RCS messaging

In conclusion, with the RCS it is possible to analyse the customer’s behaviour in-depth and propose a more suitable way of communicating. All of that, in a climate of trust

« We are very satisfied about the way the project with RingRing was handled »

Pierre Alban Kervyn, Connectivity Product Manager

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