Interparking: Send SMS Alerts To A Mobile Phone

Interparking is one of the leading car park operators in Europe. Interparking has been active in major European cities for more than 60 years and has earned the trust of its customers. Continuous improvement of the quality of Interparking services, the innovative offer of mobility solutions to meet the challenges of cities and the responsible policy that preserves the environment are part of Interparking’s strategy. To remain at the top in their sector, Interparking called on RingRing to set up SMS IT alerts.

In order to offer a leading-edge and efficient service to all its users, Interparking decided to implement a solution to send SMS alerts to all decision-makers within the Belgian Interparking team. To do so, RingRing’s email to SMS tool was one of the best options. More precisely the tool “email to SMS for IT alerts”. But what is this tool? As its name suggests, the mail to SMS tool simply allows transforming an email instantaneously into an SMS to send it to pre-selected mobile numbers. In the case of IT alerts, it’s a bit more precise. The case of Interparking is a good example of the use of this solution.

« Efficiency and reliability are the two words that best characterise our relationship with RingRing »

Janssen Michel, Control Room Manager Belgium chez Interparking SA

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Challenge: Communicate critical cases to the managers of Interparking facilities instantly

In order to easily alert the appropriate people in the event of a problem in one of the Interparking car parks, a quick and efficient tool was needed. The mobile phone was therefore the most suitable tool and the most effective SMS. With an opening rate that is close to 100%, Interparking can be sure that messages will be read. All car parks in Belgium are connected to a control room.

This control room takes into account all the various events that may occur in the car parks. The events are diverse. It can be a problem with the intercom or the barrier of the car park, a flooding problem, a fire or even a customer slipping on an oil stain… Incidents that must be communicated instantly to the right people!

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Interparking uses Email to SMS It Alerts

Send SMS alerts to provide quick notifications to all your users when an emergency situation occurs

Solution: Setting up IT alerts with the Email to SMS tool

In the context of the Email to SMS tool, IT alert is a term used to refer to anything that generates automatic messages from a company’s IT environment. In the case of Interparking, their IT environment that sends email alerts is called the “control room”.

In general, this control room sends emails to the sector managers of the various car parks. As emails are not always read instantaneously and not all managers have 24-hour access to their mailboxes, the idea of sending a text message directly to their mobile phones has emerged. The SMS Alerts allows Interparking to deliver critical information instantly and safely.


Advantages of SMS alerts

Now that Interparking uses SMS Alerts, they can share urgent information effectively. There are several advantages with SMS alerts, it allows to :

  • Have a wider reach;
  • Averts for important issues;
  • Communicates With Target Audience;
  • Send Messages to various groups or persons;
  • Save time by contacting the right persons quickly;
  • Save money by simplifying and accelerating processes.

In general, SMS alerts will enhance the productivity and efficiency of a company. Interparking now has a safe and efficient warning system for all car parks in Belgium.


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« The integration into our system was very simple. We are very satisfied with the system and there is almost no downtime »

Janssen Michel, Control Room Manager Belgium chez Interparking SA

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