IMS sends medical appointment reminders to their patients to avoid no show

The IMS (Institut Médical Spécialisé) offers a wide range of medical and paramedical consultations at providers such as acupuncture, cardiology, digestive surgery, vascular, plastic and aesthetic surgery, dentistry, dermatology, rheumatology, urology and many other specialisations. The medical institute works with more than 80 providers in total.

Absences and late arrivals are common problems for many health service providers. In times of crisis, it is an even more troublesome problem. The urgency of the pandemic and the need for care does not allow for missed appointments. In addition, missed medical appointments create gaps in scheduling, reduce income and make it difficult to run a practice efficiently.

To reduce late or no-show patients, a solution is to communicate with patients before their appointment.

Send automated appointment reminders and confirmations to your patients to ensure they attend their appointments. Plus, neither you nor your staff has to do anything! That’s why IMS called on RingRing: the implementation of a simple and effective solution to reduce patient no-shows.

« The implementation with RingRing was super simple. Once the API was uploaded to us in the morning, everything was in place by 4 pm. The API documentation is clear and easy to use »

Pascal Tilleux, IT Infrastructure responsible

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Challenge: Avoid no-shows and improve appointment management

The challenge here was, as with many providers in the medical field, to improve appointment management.

Most of the time, patients make appointments and either doesn’t show up or forget. Some even make several appointments everywhere to make sure they get an appointment but do not cancel elsewhere. This is becoming catastrophic in the management of appointments for doctors, their colleagues and their agenda makers. At the same time, some patients are in dire need of an appointment and will miss out on a potential place.

In addition to this, the introduction of appointment cancellations in case of doctors’ absence to warn patients was also an important request. 

The IMS communicated their requests to RingRing and the appointment reminders/cancellations of appointments via SMS was the quickest solution to implement and the most effective in terms of the rate of attendance.

Communication of appointment reminders and/or appointment cancellations via SMS was the fastest solution to set up. But also, the most effective in terms of attendance rate.

Want to know more about appointment reminders via SMS?

medical appointment reminders via SMS

IMS uses medical appointment reminders to improve their communications with the patients, avoid no shows and prevent them in case of doctors absences. 

Solution: Implementing medical appointment reminders through SMS API

In order to meet the needs of the IMS and to meet all the expectations of the patients, we set up the medical appointment reminders via SMS.

The cancellation of appointments by SMS has also been implemented in order to warn patients in case of absence or cancellation from a doctor. Finally, the SMS API is also useful for some internal communications within the Institute, but not the majority.

« The implementation with RingRing was super simple. Once the SMS API was uploaded to us in the morning, everything was in place by 4 pm » says Pascal Tilleux, IT infrastructure responsible.

Advantages of medical SMS appointment reminders

The benefits of medical appointment reminders by SMS are immediate: fewer missed appointments, satisfied patients, improved patient relations and a significant reduction in costs.

Both doctors and patients benefit from this process. It can happen to anyone to forget an appointment. With this system, which is about prevention and not punishment, relationships are good and both parties are satisfied.

The advantage of appointment reminders is also the overview of the data on messages sent and received by the patients. In addition, the open rate of an SMS reminder is 98% within 3 minutes. This is not negligible, especially in the health sector.

sms medical appointment reminders for doctors and patients

Also, by using API message, the reliability of the medical appointment reminders and the analysis of the results is very good. This is not negligible in the medical sector!

This type of solution is especially useful for doctors and their agenda operators. Indeed, as all doctors or agenda administrators have different software, it would be necessary to have compatible product with all softwares. With SMS API appointment reminders, its standard language. Any doctor or agenda manager can connect via any type of software.

« We chose RingRing for the ease and speed of implementation, but above all because RingRing is very stable and has two data centres. This adds an extra layer of security in case of downtime or any incident. »

Pascal Tilleux, IT infrastructure responsible

In short, medical appointment reminders by SMS have a real added value for you and your patients. Whether you are a medical diary manager, a doctor or a medical secretary, don’t hesitate to test the appointment reminders to see how effective this tool is. Make your life easier and improve your patient relations, test our platform for free!

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