How Do SMS Payments Work For De Lijn Tickets

The switch to digital and mobile phone is proven. Contactless payments are also strongly favoured lately. Faster, more efficient and even more “hygienic” these online payment systems are favoured. As a result, for one of our transport customers, De Lijn, we have set up a fast and simple payment system. With the number 4884, bus and tram users can pay for their tickets. Just send a text message, it’s all it takes!

De Lijn is the public transportation company of Flanders, with more than 500 million travellers per year. The « Vlaamse Vervoersmaatschappij De Lijn », is a company managed by the Flemish government in Belgium to provide public transport. They have a fleet of about 2240 buses and 399 trams. All these buses and tram users had to be able to pay for their transport tickets in a convenient and efficient way, all without contact. This is where RingRing comes in. We enable the well-known transport company to facilitate ticket payments for its users.




deliverability of SMS

Challenge : allow De Lijn users to pay with their smartphone

De Lijn wanted to allow its travellers to pay via their cell phone, without having to install a dedicated application. Before the introduction of SMS payment systems, users had few options. Either a bus pass or a card for several trips. They could also pay directly at the counter. This is very time consuming and can cause delays. In addition, the exchange of money is not always very hygienic. It is best to avoid it.

De Lijn needed an alternative payment method to optimise all this. Moreover, by July 2020, cash payments will no longer be allowed on De Lijn buses and trams. SMS will therefore be a good alternative for customers.

Try SMS shortcodes to improve your processes and customer experience

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De Lijn offers ticket payments via SMS

Solution: request payment via SMS

To avoid over-the-counter payments and improve processes, we have introduced payment by SMS. Very simple. The user sends an SMS to a dedicated short code that we provide to De Lijn. Then he can pay directly for his ticket. Depending on the content of the SMS, the user chooses whether he takes a one-hour or a day pass. No need for complex integration or action on the part of the transport company. De Lijn receives payment from the customer and the user can travel without a hitch with just a few clicks.

How to request payment via SMS?

To buy an SMS ticket, customers just have to send the message DL to 4884. Their SMS ticket is valid for 60 minutes from receipt. They can also buy an SMS day ticket. To do so, they send the message DLD to 4884. The SMS day ticket will be valid for 24 hours.

Result: Fewer delays and happy customers.

Since the SMS Ticket was introduced, more than two thirds of ticket payments for buses and trams are done via SMS Tickets.

  • Drivers no longer lose time during the journey due to ticket sales.
  • Less time wasted at the counter means fewer delays. It leads to better traffic flow and more punctual journey times.
  • Payment by SMS is also a step forward in terms of hygiene
  • Mobile payment applies to all types of transport (trains, buses, trams, …) and allows a fluidity of traffic in general.

If, like our customer, you would like to allow your users to pay directly by SMS or even send reminders of outstanding payments to your customers, do not hesitate to contact us.