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A new channel for payment reminders

Orange decided to optimise its payment reminders by adding RCS to already installed IVR solution

Email to SMS to alert management

Interparking implemented SMS alerts to all decision-makers within the Belgian Interparking team.

Moving a contact center to telework

To answer to their main goal of taking care of their customers, VOO opted for a Cloud Contact Center.

Manage people with bulk SMS

To coordinate a huge mask production, Ecores & Travie communicated with volunteers with bulk SMS.

logo forum jobs

Automation of outbound calls

Forum Jobs needed to optimise certain processes to save time and to focus on added-value tasks.

YESPARK - voice api for parking fences

Automated voice communication

To automate processes and simplify user experience, Yespark now opens parking fences with Voice API.

Cerba healthcare use ringring's sms api for 2FA

SMS API for 2-factor authentication

With SMS as 2FA, Cerba Healthcare verifies patients and optimises results’ deliverability.

Automated voice communication

Engie Belgium uses outbound and inbound calls to improve the management of its wind farms.

appointment reminders in healthcare to avoid no show

Appointment reminders via SMS

To avoid no show and optimise the processes, IMS sends appointment reminders per SMS.

YESPARK - voice api for parking fences

Chatbot for HR

Start People uses chatbots to manage simple and repetitive tasks. Bots allow HR agents to gain time and efficiency.

customer satisfaction survey internal purpose

Customer satisfaction surveys

To verify internal processes, Viessmann implemented customer satisfaction surveys. And get more.

All-in-one platform

On our communication platform (CPaaS), you can simply develop your own customer journey and create the success you and your business deserve.

For you, for our customers, we automate interactions continuously and across multiple channels: SMS, Voice, Email, Virtual agent or Survey. Choose what suits you, we’ll make it available to you, simply!

 At RingRing, the experience of our customers is essential. And making it exceptional is our goal. We care about you and your business. Because your success is the key to ours.

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Whether it is by SMS, Voice Call, Chatbot or Voice bot, our team of experts will do everything they can to achieve your project. A project that enables your company to reduce costs due to repetitive activities. SMS Marketing campaigns, appointment reminders, the implementation of an automated voice response system and many other solutions will allow you to focus on tasks with greater added value.

Take your internal bulk and/or automated communication processes to the next level.