Customer Stories

Our customers have incredible stories with RingRing. Here are the stories of our clients and how they have managed to get closer to their customers.


4411 is a parking service, active in Belgium and the Netherlands in more than 150 cities and municipalities. Whether you are on the road or in a car park, with 4411 you can quickly pay your parking via SMS.


POM is a Belgian company created 5 years ago. POM facilitates payment processes via integrated payment links in SMS, invoices and payment reminders for many types of needs. They offer solutions for invoice administration, for receiver and sender alike.


VOO is a Belgium based telecom company focused on the French part of Belgium. The goal at VOO is clear: Be the number one by customer preference for telecom services in Wallonia. It was to become even better that they called RingRing to move their contact center to telework.

Masks Coronavirus Brussels

To contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 virus, EcoRes and Travie coordinate a collaborative masks production chain. In order to achieve this project and to send mass messages to all the volunteers, the team needed the RingRing Bulk SMS service.

De Lijn

Faster, more efficient and even more “hygienic” contactless payment systems are favoured. For one of our transport customers, we have set up a fast and simple payment system. Via 4884, bus and tram users can pay for their tickets.