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Transform your communication and your customers’ experience with RCS and messages that are more interactive and engaging than ever.

RCS: the new-generation SMS

RCS, or Rich Communication Services, is more than just an SMS – it’s the new generation of messaging, the SMS 2.0. With the integration of features such as images, interactive buttons and read confirmations, RCS transforms every message into a living, visual, interactive and engaging experience.

Redefine the business communication experience

When it comes to communication, you need to be effective and impactful. And choosing the right channel plays a big part in that. So hit it hard: grab customers’ attention and hold on to it for impactful, engaging communication.

Rich content

Captivate your audience with all types of content: from simple text to images, capture attention and deliver an unprecedented experience.

Interactivity and engagement

Give your customers control over their experience: with messages featuring interactive options, offer them a unique experience and boost their engagement.

Reliability and security

Make sure your customers read your communications: senders are verified to ensure message authenticity and recipient peace of mind.

Little extras they’ll love

For users too, RCS is a gold mine. It’s a revolutionary solution that transforms the way they interact with businesses. With its advanced features and enriched capabilities, RCS delivers an unparalleled customer experience, the promise of more immersive, personalized and effective communication. So you’re not just choosing RCS for your business, but for your customers too. To offer them richer, more meaningful interactions, at every stage of their journey.

Enhanced customer experience

RCS offers a richer, more interactive user experience than SMS. Your customers will love receiving messages with images, videos, interactive buttons and much more. It’s a guarantee of more engaging and captivating communication.

Personalized interaction

Everyone likes to be the focus of attention… and by personalizing your RCS messages according to each customer’s preferences and behavior, you’ll put them at the center of your world! Create an individualized experience and strengthen your relationship.

Easy to use

Thanks to RCS, users can act directly in the message, without having to go through several steps. One click and they can buy, book an appointment, comment, share their location… all within the same application. Fast and efficient.

Better accessibility

No need to download another application to access RCS! It works on most smartphones and is accessible to a wide audience. They can start interacting with you in seconds and super-easily.

Secure and safe

Thanks to sender verification and the security built into RCS, the risks of fraud and phishing are reduced. Users can trust the authenticity of the messages they receive from you. And where there’s trust, there’s commitment.

Conversation tracking and history

Customers can keep track of their conversations with you. With RCS, they can more easily track past interactions and retrieve previously shared information. For more transparent and effective communication over the long term.

Business and RCS, a love story

Strong commitment

With RCS, you can create eye-catching messages that stand out from SMS messages. Use images, videos, interactive maps and clickable buttons to instantly capture your customers’ attention and logically lead them to engage with the content you’re offering them.

Are you a digital marketing agency? Make use of RCS to include dynamic images, promotional videos and attractive action buttons in your message. This creates an immersive visual experience that boosts customer engagement and encourages them to explore your offers further.

More conversions

Make their lives easier: add interactive features such as action buttons, drop-down menus and quick response options to your RCS messages. Why should you? To simplify and accelerate your customers’ conversion process. Because they can take action directly from the message, without having to go through several steps or leave the application. Result: a greater chance of conversion.

Attract customers to your webshop with an RCS message: rather than the link to your webshop, include purchase buttons with your latest models directly in the message. Your customers will be able to select and purchase products with a single click, without leaving the messaging application.

Simplified interaction

Communicate and interact with your customers simply: create and send messages with rich content without redirecting them to external sites or other applications. The benefits: a simple, fluid user experience and easy, effective interaction between you and your customers, resulting in a relationship that fosters engagement.

Imagine you’re an airlines company. Offer a hyper-intuitive travel booking experience with RCS! Use RCS to interact directly with your customers and let them choose their destination, travel dates and flight preferences, step by step, directly in a message.

Enhanced brand image

Impress them with an exceptional experience with RCS. With visually appealing messages, fluid interactions and a personalized user experience, you can reinforce your brand image and stand out from the competition. With RCS, you create positive, lasting impressions with your customers, thus strengthening their loyalty and their tendency to recommend you. A win-win exchange.

The world of luxury is a world apart. Are you a prestige brand? Take advantage of the possibilities offered by RCS to send messages with the visual identity and exceptional customer experience that reflect the prestige and exclusivity of your brand. Images, videos, interactive features… everything is possible to reinforce the perception of your luxury brand.

Endless possibilities

The potential of RCS in business is huge. By integrating RCS into your communications strategy, you can optimize your operations, improve your service and strengthen your customer relationships. However you use it, you’ll be able to communicate interactively and engage effectively for sustainable growth and greater loyalty. Don’t wait any longer to find the right fit for you: your imagination is your only limit…

Interactive customer service

With RCS, you can offer interactive, responsive customer service directly via messaging. Customers can ask questions, report problems and even carry out transactions. And all in real time, seamlessly. Use interactive options such as quick response buttons and drop-down menus to simplify the process and enable you to provide effective assistance.

Booking and scheduling

If you work in the hotel, restaurant, travel or service industries for example, RCS can make booking and planning easier for customers. Let them book a hotel room, restaurant table, transport tickets or other services directly from their RCS conversations. And use interactive options to let them personalize their experience with their preferences and confirm their reservations.

Notifications and alerts

RCS is an effective channel for sending notifications and alerts to customers. Think order confirmations, appointment reminders, delivery updates and special offers. Customize these notifications according to the specific needs of each customer, to offer relevant and timely communication.

Marketing and promotion

Support your marketing and promotional campaigns with RCS. By sending content-rich messages (images, videos, interactive links…), you leverage the power of this channel to promote your products and services. And with RCS’s advanced functionalities, make your communications ultra-personalized and interactive to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Feedback and surveys

Want to get feedback and opinions from your customers? Ask them through polls and surveys, directly via messaging. Your customers can then answer your questions and give their feedback instantly. The advantage? You collect valuable data on customer satisfaction and identify areas where you can improve.

Payments and transactions

Thanks to RCS’s integrated payment features, your customers can make transactions directly from their RCS conversations. Imagine letting them buy products, pay bills and make other financial transactions in total security. This simplifies the purchasing process and enhances the customer experience.

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