Manage phone calls from your systems with a Voice API

Create the ideal communication solution for your business by automating outbound calls with the Voice API.

Voice API
A voice API to simplify your calls

With a voice API, a software interface, you can receive and make calls in an automated way. This API is the link between your systems and our platform. Everything is integrated directly on your premises. Nothing could be simpler or more efficient!

Voice API
Why a Voice API
for your business?

Deliver a better customer experience and engage your customers with a programmable voice API.
Plus, you only pay for what you use.

Maintain customer relationships

Create personalised and interactive campaigns using placeholders or recordings and communicate clearly with customers in their own language.

Use our Voice API to call customers in case of non-payment or optimize the timing of external calls to contact candidates in the context of a job search.

Engage with your users

Record and capture important data to improve your campaigns and use our programmable API to turn phone calls into effective campaigns.

With the Voice API, take advantage of cross-channel communication (transfer to an agent, SMS, email) and review the success of your campaign with real-time statistics.

  "appId": "MY-API-KEY",
  "phoneNumber": 32499999999,
  "callerId": 6083228,
  "language": "en-US",
  "machineDetection": true,
  "introTts": "Greetings. This is a message about your delivery of monday, 26th of june.",
  "menuTts": "To accept delivery on that day, press 1. To delay it to the day after, press 2.",
  "menu": [
      "key": 1,
      "tts": "The delivery will take place on monday, 26th of june."
      "key": 2,
      "tts": "The delivery will be delayed to tuesday, 27th of june."
  "errorTts": "We are sorry, but there was an error with your input.",
  "byeTts": "Thank you. Have a nice day.",
  "feedbackUrl": "http://api.mycompany.com/v1/FeedbackCall",
  "feedbackUrlmethod": "POST"

Quickly integrate
our Voice API

Build fast, stable and secure A2P (application-to-person), P2P (person-to-person) and P2A (person-to-application) voice applications directly into your system. Connect to our Voice API to use our connections and deliver personalised vocal messages.

Benefit from our direct connections with all Belgian operators & our trustworthy partners abroad. RingRing’s Voice API has an easy connection supporting most coding languages.


Bring digital to your calls

By using DID numbers, control who receives calls from a virtual and customised number without any additional software from any phone, anywhere.

Send and receive calls through the internet by using SIP trunking. Use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for all your calls to decrease costs on international calls and overlapping networks. Use also VoiceDeposit to drop a voicemail to your endusers.

Did numbers
Advantages of Voice API

Customer satisfaction

Proactively increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer wait times.

Wide reach

We all have a smartphone, perfect for improving your internal contacts and processes.

99,99% uptime

With our multiple, redundant data centers, our systems are always up and running.


Automation’s performance is impressive: 80% of automated calls are picked up.

Efficiency and cost effectiveness

Reduce unnecessary interactions with proper inbound call management.

Employee satisfaction

Call automation allows collaborateurs to focus on value-added tasks.


Our voice solutions

Smart IVR

Smart IVR

Save more timewith a self-servicevoice solution.

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Voice API

Voice API

Integrate our Voice solution directly into your own systems.

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Call Campaign Manager

Call Campaign Manager

Automate callcampaigns for
greater productivity.

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Virtual voice agent

Virtual voice agent

Offer the future of interaction with a voice robot solution.


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