Try outbound voice calling

Engage with all your end-users by handling outbound voice calls. Automate voice broadcast and cross-channel communication through our Call Campaign Manager solution.

Call Campaign Manager
How call campaign manager works?

Make outbound flows with an effective and easy tool to bring your company to the next level. Create campaigns tailored to your business needs. Start optimising interactions, decrease costs and boost success rate today!

Try cross-channel

Make fully personalised outbound campaigns. Use cross-channel communication (transfers to an agent, send an SMS) by including a menu in outbound calls.

Make external calls as part of HR campaigns, payment reminders, or as otherwise required.

Make efficient campaigns with outbound calls

Use our Call Campaign Manager solution to make outbound voice calls. Launch campaigns through our practical web interface.

Follow campaigns’ statistics with reports. Then, adapt your follow-up strategy according to the data.

Optimise interaction
and retain customers

Outbound Voice Calls help automate simple processes to increase customer satisfaction and decrease costs. With Call Campaign Manager, automate any process or create a multichannel strategy.

Use outbound voice call campaigns with recordings for retaining current customers. Add the possibility to receive information by SMS. Make also recruitment call campaigns with transfer to an agent.

Why outbound voice calling

Outbound voice calling, as opposed to inbound calling, is usually a call made by the company or user. The objective’s to contact a prospect, customer or other third parties.

Many companies are digitalising and automating outbound voice calling for marketing, customer support, sales or recruitment purposes. An outbound voice calling campaign can reveal the behaviours and needs of the target audience. Conversations with end users can reveal information that may not have been found otherwise.

Benefits of using outbound voice calls

Personalised call campaign script

Define a campaign script using your contact’s favourite communication channel: SMS, Voice or Bots.

Insightful reports

Follow the results of campaigns directly on our interface, see the details of each call and get an overview of the campaign’s status.

Transfer to channel or person

Save time and gain efficiency thanks to smart transfers to an agent or recorded messages.

Unlimited campaigns

Define the number of calls per minute/hour and make up to 10.000 simultaneous calls per workday.

Effortless campaign launch

Upload contact files, define the agent’s phone number for transfers and launch the campaign through a simple web interface.

Use voice to improve your campaigns

Up to 80% of automated calls are picked up and are mainly appreciated by end-users.

They share their experience

« We are very satisfied with the solution RingRing provided to us. It has increased our efficiency a lot and we keep control over the messages we send out. »

Marjolein Geens, COO at Forum Jobs

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