Manage inbound calls with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Use IVR to make sure callers are always directed to the right department or agent. Choose between the use of voice or touch-tone keypad selections.

Outbound voice calls

How Interactive Voice Response works

IVR systems are used to answer customer calls, collect and provide some information to the caller. IVR guides the caller through different options before eventually sending the call to a live agent.

Play Menus with our
audio libraries

Play some variable messages with audio libraries. Allow people to select options like language, departement or more. Smart IVR systems also allow to transfer calls to agents
SMS API via our sms gateway

Use pre-recorded information

Play pre-recorded informations with Interactive Voice Response System. Record frequently asked questions in text-to speech or Voice Studio.

Make it easy for your users to find answers to their questions via customer self service.


Multichannel communication

Use IVR completed by SMS, outgoing calls or bots to confirm or provide some information. Provide payment links, make post call for NPS or Satisfaction surveys. You can also use IVR for your marketing campaigns.

Benefits of using Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Use of data in decision process

Define where to transfer a call and the next step in the IVR. Use also data to provide Self Service information.

Use of a admin interface

Use your own interface through our dedicated & secure portal.

Improve customer experience by automation

Reduce call times & propose a better customer experience.

Unlimited amount of inbound calling campaigns

Define the number of calls per minute/hour and make up to 10.000 simultaneous calls per workday

Reduce call costs

Improve processes by making a large number of calls in a few minutes.

Improve lead generation

Transfer to live agent and transform an outbound into qualified inbound.

Why using Interactive Voice Response 

IVR systems can improve your business in many ways. Using IVR for marketing campaigns, lead scoring or to improve customer service is a must.

Many companies are digitalising and automating their processes. Using IVR completed with other solutions like outbound calling or SMS campaigns can have a real impact on your business.

interactive voice response

Interesting cases about Interactive Voice Response

Discover how IVR helps you to control the increase of incoming calls and helps to keep your customers happy.

Manage incoming calls with IVR

Automate your communication with Interactive Voice Response

Test our platform now for 14 full days. Improve relations and communication with your end users through their favourite channel.


Included in your free trial

  • 20 free SMS  & 20 automated calls included
  • Access to Voice & SMS API
  • Upload your contacts & create personalised campaigns with placeholders
  • Review the success of your campaigns with dashboarding & real-time statistics