Send messages with an SMS Gateway
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Communicate by SMS with your contacts directly from your business tools with an SMS Gateway.

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Save time by linking your system to ours

With the SMS Gateway, you can send your messages directly from your own internal system. No need to connect to our interface or portal. It works as a bridge between our systems. You save time, money and increase your efficiency.

SMS Gateway
will blow your mind

Send SMS for your company from your tools? It’s possible! Fast and efficient, SMS Gateway has many advantages.


A Gateway is directly usable. Create it, integrate it, and you’re ready to go.
No more long installations and endless setups needed!


Once your SMS Gateway is installed in your systems, you can send your SMS in a few clicks. You don’t even need special technical knowledge!


You are not comfortable with the solution or you are looking for an answer? Check out our specialized documentation. You will surely find your answer.

24/7 support

You prefer to ask us your question directly? We have a support team that will be happy to help you and let you take full advantage of our solutions.


Security first

Your SMS Gateway is only available on our hypersecure platform. And to keep it secure, we observe and respect the most stringent security requirements. 

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Don’t waste time

In a few clicks, you create your SMS Gateway. And with a few more clicks, you integrate it into your system, simply through various SDKs, plugins and other codes. Then, get started quickly, whatever language you use, they are available: JAVA, PHP, C#, NodeJS…

SMS in every shape and form

SMS Mailer

Send your SMS in a few clicks, from our secure platform.

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Bulk SMS

Send SMS campaigns to thousands of contacts in 1 click.

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Email to SMS

Email to SMS

Simply send SMS directly from your email box.

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