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Use our SMS API to send text messages from your software, CRM, website or application.

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An SMS API to make
 your business easier

An SMS API is a software interface that allows code to send text messages via an SMS gateway. SMS APIs are useful for bridging the gap between SMS and Internet communication infrastructures, which are mostly divided. 

In other words, you create your own API key from our system to create your own application for sending and receiving messages. You can then send your SMS messages directly from your program and the code will link the message you have written to our platform so you can send it. Simple and terribly effective! 


Quickly integrate and install our SMS API

With our API, you can send SMS, make voice calls and send emails, directly from your system. Not bad, right? And if you prefer to send your SMS or email from our web interface or a secure FTP, that’s possible via our Mailer or Email to SMS tools. Quick and easy integration of the REST API with various SDKs, plugins and other code in different languages is also available. 

Ideal for developers, our REST API has been designed to be quickly and easily integrated by professionals. For your convenience, we support all programming languages. Choose the one that suits you and it’s almost done already: JAVA, PHP, C#, NodeJS… You can also use the sandbox mode to test the integration without really sending messages and, most importantly, at no extra cost. 

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Security and data protection first

By choosing our SMS API and working with us, you are ensuring that the security and protection of your data is a priority. Our servers are redundant between several data centers, are ISO27001 certified and are located in Belgium. 

The servers are exclusively managed by our team of professionals and are the property of RingRing. Just like our developments which are done in-house. This guarantees the security of our customers’ and your data. 

And on top of all that, our support team is there for you from Belgium, 24/7. 


We have these little extras…

Simulated sending

Make no mistake!
Test sending SMS with simulations from your own software, website or even application and always
get it right!

Uptime of 99,99%

Always be ready!
With our multiple redundant data centers, our systems are always up and running. Follow the status anytime right here.

Tracked short links

Add links to your website, application, networks or in the body of SMS messages and get interesting information about your users and contacts. 

SMS acknowledgements and replies

Track your SMS and get operator acknowledgements via API. Quickly assess (un)received messages and unassigned numbers. 

STOP management

With automated STOP management, all unsubscribed customers are automatically and immediately added to a blacklist. 

A smart solution

Because a solution has to match its use, we have built our platform to meet all your needs, and even more…


Security first

We apply the highest security standards. Your API key is only available on our hypersecure platform. 

Quick and easy setup

Once you created your SMS API,
it is ready to use. No need for
complicated installation or support.

Easy and simple to use

Create your own API Key on our portal, integrate it into your system and start using it. It’s that easy. 

Available documentation

Find all the documentation you need around our SMS API on our developer documentation page.


Time saving

Directly integrated into your system and easy to use, SMS API is built to save you time and money. 

24/7 support

Still need help or explanations? Our support team is here for you to answer your questions 24/7.

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