Create your platform using SMS API

Use our technology to create a powerful application using an SMS API key.

The RingRing SMS API allow you to send several messages through your application without using a web platform.

What is an API?

An API (Application Program Interface) is a part of a process containing methods, classes and functionalities developed to help other firms to create their own application.

At RingRing SMS API allows you to create your own application to send or receive messages.

“ApiKey”: “MY-API-KEY”,
“To”: “32475123456”,
“Message”: “Hello World!

      <ApiKey>MY-API-KEY </ApiKey>
      <To>32475123456 </To>
      <Message>Hello World! </Message>

-X “POST” “”
-H “Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8”
-d $’{
“To”: “32475123456”,
“Message”: “Hello World!”,
“ApiKey”: “MY-API-KEY” }‘

How does it work?

In order to develop an application or a software and if you desire to add SMS without any constraints, you need a simple « key ».
Create your own key on our platform and start using text messages directly in your app.

Our SMS API can be combined with automated calls and emails using Voice API’s and Email API’s.

Benefits of using SMS API

Take advantage of the power of SMS without using a third party application.

Our message API solutions allocates you the ability to develop everything you need for your own application.


Easy and simple to use

Create your own API key on our portal and start using it


Time saving

Easy to use the SMS API is made to save time and money.


Simple and quick installation

The API is ready to use and doesn’t need any installation.


Documentation available

Find all the documentation you need on If further explication is needed, our support team is there to answer your questions.

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