Integrate SMS API into your software

Use our technology and generate your own SMS API key. Automate business communications by integrating  your SMS API into your business software, CRM, website or application.  

The RingRing SMS API allow you to send several messages through your application without using a web platform.

What is an SMS API?

An SMS API is a software interface allowing code to send short messages via an SMS gateway. SMS API are useful for bridging the gap between SMS and Internet communication infrastructures which are mostly divided.

At RingRing, our SMS API allows you to create your own application to send or receive messages.

SMS API via our sms gateway

Security and Data Protection above all

Working with us, security and protection of your data is guaranteed. Our servers have redundancy between multiple datacenters, are ISO27001 certified and located in Belgium.

The servers are managed exclusively by us and are the property of RingRing. The same goes for our developments, which are carried out in-house, ensuring the security of customer data. Moreover, our support is in Belgium and accessible 24/24 and 7/7

Quickly Integrate our API SMS with Your Business

Our API allow you to send SMS, make voice calls and send emails. We also offer Mailer and Email to SMS via the web interface or Secured FTPQuick and easy integration of the REST API with various SDK, plugins and sample codes in different languages. Find all the documentation you need here.

The integration of our REST API is developer friendly. We support all programming languages, choose your favourite language: JAVA, PHP, C#, NodeJS… We also offer the sandbox mode which does not actually send the messages to test the integration without additional costs.


"Message":"Hello World!"


  <Message>Hello World!</Message>


-H "Content-Type": application/json;
-d $'{
"Message":"Hello World!",

Advantages of SMS Gateway

Safety & Security first

We apply the highest security standards. Your API key is only available through our hyper-secure platform.

Sending simulations

Simulate sending SMS from your own software, website or application.

Uptime of 99.99%

Thanks to our multiple, redundant data centres, our systems are always operational. You can follow it here.

Tracked short links

Insert links to your website, application or networks in the body of your SMS and get information about your users.

SMS acknowledgements & responses

Track your SMS messages and retrieve operator acknowledgements via API. Quickly evaluate received and non-received messages and unassigned numbers.

STOP Management

With automated STOP management, unsubscribed customers are directly added to a blacklist.

Benefits of using an API SMS

Take advantage of the power of SMS API without using a third party application.

Our message API solutions allocates you the ability to develop everything you need for your own application.


Easy and simple to use

Create your own API key on our portal and start using it.


Time saving

Easy to use the SMS API is made to save time and money.


Simple and quick installation

The API is ready to use and doesn’t need any installation.


Documentation available

Find all the documentation you need around API on our developers page.

24/24 Support

If further explication is needed, our support team is there to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Start your free trial and use SMS API

Improve your processes and automate simple tasks by using the power of SMS API. To give you an overview of our CpaaS platform and the power of SMS API,
we offer you 14 days free trial.


What's included in your trial?

  • 20 free SMS  & 20 calls included
  • Access to API (SMS & Voice)
  • Upload your contacts & create
    personalised campaigns
  • Review the success of your campaigns
    with dashboards & real-time statistics

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