Send Bulk SMS

Try our easy to use and complete CpaaS to send online bulk messages. Our complete communication platform as a service allows you to send multiple messages at once to different users.

How to send bulk SMS online?

Via our cloud based platform, send several messages to your stakeholders. Upload all your contacts on an excel sheet or create them easily directly in our easy-to-use platform.

Create campaigns, send thousands of personalised messages in a few seconds. Our technology will transform your messages into a powerful communication tool.

Benefits of sending messages online

With this solution RingRing allow you to use the powerful usage of SMS within a web platform dedicated to your specific usage. Upload your data within the platform, write your message online, send to your stakeholders. Use our dashboards and reports to have a look to your different campaigns.

Quick data import

Use this performing direct message tool to import all your database directly in your portal account via a simple file.


Tested & approved

With SMS opening and deliverability rate that is close to 100%, your contacts won’t miss your message.

Web based platform

With our online bulk SMS products, you only need to have an internet connection.

Personalised message

All your messages can be personalised per user and per usage.

Dashboarding & reports

Get valuable insights and make adjustments where its necessary.

Start your free trial right now!

Improve your processes and automate simple tasks by using the power of SMS. To give you an overview of our CpaaS platform and the power of SMS automation, we offer you 14 days free trial.


Included in your free trial

  • 20 free SMS  & 20 calls included
  • Access to API (Voice & SMS)
  • Upload your contacts & create
    personalised campaigns
  • Review the success of your campaigns
    with dashboards & real-time statistics

Other ways to use the power of Bulk SMS

Sending email to sms

Send SMS instantly from your mailbox. You or your internal system write an email, the tool converts it, and your recipient receives an SMS

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Use our SMS API to integrate automated messages in your own system and personalise the content of your automated messages
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