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Communicate massively thanks to bulk SMS. 

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Bulk SMS?

Simple and efficient!  

Automate your bulk SMS sending via RingRing and simplify your life. You save time, increase your productivity and inform your customers in a few clicks. Create your campaigns and personalized messages and offer a unique customer experience. 

The power

of SMS 

With an open rate of 97% in the first 3 minutes of its reception, the SMS is THE channel to use to communicate effectively with your customers. And this, even in large numbers thanks to bulk SMS. Act on your sales, improve the customer experience and inform your contacts without difficulty. Personalization, media sharing or links… everything is possible! 


Make your
marketing strategy fly 

Sending your communications via SMS is the right choice: simple, borderless, this solution has a very high added value. Add to that the large-scale sending of bulk SMS and you take your marketing to the next level! 


Our support is always available to help you get the most out of our solutions. 



Send bulk SMS from your system by creating your own API key. Ideal for developers. 


We are ISO 27001 certified and guarantee the security of your data. 


Bulk SMS
connected quickly 

Thanks to an API key, you can integrate our bulk SMS solution directly into your systems. Simple and fast, you will quickly see the benefits for you: increased productivity, simplified management…

    "MessageId": "UNIQUE-MESSAGE-ID",
    "Reference": null,
    "StatusCode": "200",
    "StatusDescription": "Delivered",
    "TimeScheduled": "2016/07/04 14:20:56",
    "TimeSubmitted": "2016/07/04 14:20:57",
    "DeliveryTime": "2016/07/04 14:20:58",
    "Country": "BE",
    "ResultCode": 0,
    "ResultDescription": "Success",
    "From": "8686",
    "To": "32485123456",
    "Message": "My message with the api",
    "MessageEncoding": "TEXT",
    "NumberOfParts": 1,
    "NumberOfChars": 21

Be sure

to be read

Via the RingRing platform, you send your messages and bulk SMS via a short code number. Short code numbers are more often read and guarantee the authenticity of the message. 

You can also choose a dedicated short number. This number will be yours alone!  


Figures that 

speak for themselves




You can send your SMS in more than 200 countries. So you can communicate effectively anywhere in the world. 

30 000+



We send over 30,000 SMS per minute, every day. And we manage all these SMS for our customers and our customers’ customers. 


years of experience


RingRing has been in the SMS business for over 30 years. We have had time to become experts in our field to offer you the best… 

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