Send Email to SMS

Use our technology to convert a personal email to a dedicated SMS without any software downloaded on a tierce part.

Send an SMS online has never been so simple. Via your messaging software, you send efficient SMS messages.

How to send Email to SMS?

Email to SMS is a tool that allows you to send SMS from your inbox mail provider without any software integration and no need to log into a platform.

With Email to SMS, start writing your message within your inbox mail provider, convert it and send it as an SMS. It’s as simple as that!

Benefits of SMS messages online

Using this SMS solution will let you have a total control of your different end-to-end communications. We provide you a solution without having to download any software or log on to the platform.

You will write your email using your web interface and transform it into an SMS instantly. Sending Email to SMS online has never been as simple.


No software required

With our solution of email to sms you are allow to send an SMS from your own email provider without any software installed on your deskstop or to log into a platform. Write your email and RingRing will transform it to an powerful SMS.



Segment your target lists into differents clients and send them directly an SMS within your mailbox.


Dashboarding & reports

Get valuable insights and make adjustments where its necessary.

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Others ways to use power of SMS

Send bulk sms

Use our easy-to-use interface and send out powerful bulk SMS messages.

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Use our API to integrate SMS in your own platform and personalise the content of your automated message
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