Send Email To SMS

Use our CpaaS platform to send email and convert it to SMS without any software downloaded on a tierce part.

Sending an SMS online has never been so easy. Our Email To SMS solution works with any type of inbox.

How to send Email to SMS?

Email to SMS is a tool that allows you to send SMS from your inbox mail provider without any software integration and no need to log into a platform. 

With Email to SMS, start writing your message within your inbox mail provider, convert it and send it as an SMS. It’s as simple as that!

Who uses Email to SMS automation?

Integrate sending and receiving Email to SMS into the daily life of your organisation. Customers, employees or partners have a mobile phone or smartphone that is with them at all times.

Preferably no IT integration

Companies and organisations that want to implement Email to SMS in their business processes without ICT integration

On the field or limited internet access

Companies whose staff has limited access to the internet or to their desktop and thus, their emails (salespeople, banks, call centres…)

Email is the main tool

Firms that use email as their main communication channel or that have a system in place based mainly on mailing

Benefits of sending SMS messages online

Using this Email to SMS solution will let you have a total control of your different end-to-end communications. We provide you a solution without having to download any software or log on to the platform.



Send an SMS to an Email address.



Email To SMS is suitable for all departments.


Get valuable insights and make adjustments where necessary.

No software required

Send an SMS from your own email provider without any software or by logging on to the platform.


Dashboards & Reports

Get valuable insights and make adjustments where its necessary.

Start your free trial right now!

Improve your processes and automate simple tasks by using the power of Email To SMS. To give you an overview of our CpaaS platform and the power of Email To SMS,
we offer you 14 days free trial.


Included in your free trial

  • 20 free SMS  & 20 calls included
  • Access to API (Voice & SMS)
  • Upload your contacts & create
    personalised campaigns
  • Review the success of your campaigns
    with dashboards & real-time statistics

Others ways to use power of SMS

Send bulk sms

Use our easy-to-use interface and send out powerful bulk SMS messages.

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Use our API to integrate SMS in your own platform and personalise the content of your automated message
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