Send Automated SMS

Send automated text messages to boost your revenues & increase customer engagement.

With automation, engage with your audience and reach the masses. Automated SMS has an 97% open rate. You can be sure that your message will be read quickly.

Automated text messages

What is an automated message ?

Automated messages are messages that are triggered and sent automatically to end-users. Therefore, to send automated messages, there is little or no human intervention.

Moreover, the sending of automated messages can be used for mass SMS messaging. Such as SMS marketing, sending SMS notifications or automated reminders.

Our Automated SMS services

Send bulk SMS

Create campaigns and send thousands of automated text messages to your segments through our easy to use platform

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Email to SMS

Send SMS from your inbox. You write an email, the tool converts it, and your recipient receives an automated SMS

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Use our API to integrate SMS in your own platform and personalise the content of your automated message

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Send Automated SMS and get results 

Automated SMS is a very powerful communication channel. For external and internal communication. With a high opening rate and short reading time, automated SMS is the best way to reach your recipient.

Send your automated messages directly within our platform . Monitor your automated campaigns thanks to dashboards and reports.

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Why use automated SMS?


With a 97% open rate, SMS is one of the most performant channels.


Use automated SMS to build a close relationship with your customers.


Everyone has a smartphone, take advantage of it and send SMS.


Our SMS products can easily be integrated into your communication platform.


Ask for feedback or give your customers choices they can select within your message.

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