RingRing Products

Automate all your communications thanks to our SMS, voice, email & Whatsapp products. Improve your customer service, business performance and ROI.

A Different Communication Tool
For Every Need

Whether by SMS, phone call or email, each company uses various tools to contact its end users. 
The key is to analyse which method will save time and increase the efficiency of your communications.


Explore our different SMS services. Communicate through our web interface,  send an SMS directly from your mailbox or use our API.  


Learn more about our automated call products. Improve your communication by using our platform, calling through your browser or with our Voice API. 


Discover our Email Square Service. Enhance your email communications with real-time statistics and your integrated database. 


Automate customers interactions with voice bot and chatbots. Create your own bot during a two days training-session.


Find out more about the WhatsApp business API. Optimise your messaging strategy and improve customer experience with our WhatsApp API.


Explore the Odigo cloud contact center. Build happy, productive relationships between your agents and your customers with Odigo solutions.

Custom Projects

Discover customised projects designed for our users. Our developers create tailor-made products according to your needs.

Several solutions built to fit your needs