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What is The Ring Ring Company?

The RingRing Company is the Belgian leader in CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service), the multi-channel cloud communication platform industry. 

For more than 30 years, we help businesses to improve their customer’s interactions through SMS, Voice calls, Virtual Assistant or surveys. In other words, automating customer interactions, all the time!

At RingRing we are passionate about automating your company’s customer interactions. Our Communication Platform is an all-in-one platform. It allows you to reach your customers directly through SMS, Voice, Instant Messages and Virtual Agent (communication through chatbot and/or voice bots).  

Whatever you want to do, we provide a different communication tools for every need. 

Why do I see your company in my invoices?

Most of the time when you see the name “The Ring Ring Company” on your invoice it is because you have probably subscribed to a service that uses our platform or system to send you information (payment reminders, appointment reminders, one-time password, marketing campaign, promotion, parking payment, …) by SMS or voice calls.

Most of these services are not charged to you (except in the case of a paid SMS).

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