Why Companies Should Use Chatbots

Maïwenn Marchand
10 Sep, 2020

Over the years, it has become important for businesses to solve all questions and problems of customers in order to ensure consumer loyalty. So, why using chatbots? After many years of taking the lever into our own hands, man has called in the help of machines to remove the limitations of humans. This time it is the customer service industry that has been revolutionised, and the innovation responsible for this is chatbot. Chatbots are considered the future of customer service and management.

why using chatbots

But first… what is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates and processes a human conversation. It allows humans to interact with digital devices as if they were communicating with a real person. Chatbots understand written and spoken text, and tries to interpret its meaning. The chatbot then searches for the most appropriate information and forwards it to the recipient.

1. Why using chatbots? To be 24/7 available

Using a chatbot in your system allows you first of all to be accessible, all the time. How many businesses can you think of that are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? That’ll only be a handful of businesses.

The reason why using a chatbot is interesting is mainly to remain available for all potential customers without being distracted from your daily tasks. Imagine having a shop in town. You might be open from 8am until 5pm. Once you open your shop, potential customers can’t get in touch with you immediately. However with a chatbot, you can allow customers to ask questions and get an answer right away.

2. Always gives an answer

Potential customers are more drawn towards a business that answers all of their questions. The best way to answer every question a customer might have is to use a chatbot. You can build in frequently asked questions and the correct answer for those questions. You can’t flood your website with hundreds of snippets of information, but you can learn your bot to answer every question.

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3. A new approach to connecting with your customers

Most companies rely on the traditional way of doing marketing, after converting visitors on their website into customers. They use email marketing to promote and engage with their customers. But this isn’t always the best idea. The biggest disadvantage of email marketing is that you will end up in their crowded mailbox, just like your competitors. And that’s something we would like to avoid.

By using a chatbot you’ll distinguish yourself from your competitors and get a higher opening rate. Around 84% of Messenger chatbot messages are opened by the recipient.

4. Save time (and money)

Using a chatbot in your business saves valuable time. On your website, the chatbot provides quick and automated answers to most questions. Customers wait less time for basic questions and you can concentrate on more complex tasks. In addition, you can also transfer the user to your FAQ directly or even send him/her to a real contact if the question is too specific.

5. Scale up your operations

Compared to humans, bots have no “limits”. A bot can handle several simultaneous conversations for example. By using this type of solution to complement your human work force, you will improve your performance.

Do you also want to know how chatbots and voice bots can help your business?

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