What is IVR? 8 benefits of using interactive voice response for your business

Maïwenn Marchand
19 Mar, 2021

Interactive Voice Response is on the rise, globally and also here in Belgium. There are some good reasons why your business can thrive thanks to IVR. Read this post to find out more about the benefits of using IVR.

What is an IVR flow

“How does IVR Work?”

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, it is an automated telephony system technology that allows computers to interact with humans by using voice application.

This is a system that reads out a menu of options during a phone call. Interactive Voice Response is an automated solution, the system proceeds with pre-recorded audio. Currently, customers are impatient, they want to save time and aspire to quick and effective solutions. IVR seems to be the most efficient solution.  Companies can use Interactive Voice Response for a variety of cases and in different sectors. They can use automated calls for payment reminders, appointment reminders. IVR is also used for Helpdesk and Support. Automated voice response can be an integral part of every stage of the customer’s journey.

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Basics steps of Interactive Voice Response

1. A customer makes a call to a company

2. The caller is connected to the IVR system which suggests a list of options

3. Customer choses the option

4. The caller is connected with the right person 


Benefits of IVR

“A time saver”

Interactive Voice Response system allows customers to save time. Because there is no queue, clients can go straight to the point and information they need. 

“IVR as self-service”

Interactive Voice Response is a kind of self-service. First, customers can use IVR to search and find information themselves. The company reduces it costs. Furthermore, employee workload decreases. Finally, the system works 24/7.

“Increase your customer satisfaction”

If you use IVR to connect with your callers, you increase customer satisfaction. Why? It’s simple: your company is available 24/7 for all types of questions, remarks and other conversations. The immediate connectivity provided by IVR generates positive feelings towards your company. Above all when customers need answers for urgent questions.  Indeed, the company & the customer are saving time. Answering on the first ring reduces waiting time and lowers all call volume. IVR system is always at the customer’s disposal as a self-service solution.

“IVR create customised conversations”

If you’re operating internationally – or even nationally in Belgium – you know that you need to consider customers from different language backgrounds. The system can be modified and personalised. Indeed, IVR allows you to connect with customers in their own language. Certainly, the messages are well conveyed and better understood. Hereby, you eliminate the communication gap and improve conversion from customers to real ambassadors

“A professional image”

If you’re a rather big company, your customers expect professional handling of their calls. The use of Voice allows you to greet your customers in a positive and consistent way, and to direct their call to the right person in your company. It’s a great way of showing that your company puts customers first.

“IVR Deliver a better customer

Nowadays, it is important for the customer to have a good customer experience. An IVR automatically directs your customers’ calls to the agent who is most qualified to address the specific question. That’s an effective solution. Also, for your customers, because they don’t want to lose time and get frustrated when they must repeat their questions over and over again. 

“Make your call center more effective”

If you use Interactive Voice Response, you can tackle basic questions automatically. While more challenging queries are redirected to the right call agent immediately. Indeed, IVR makes your call center a lot more effective. Another positive side-effect of IVR is that your call agents invest their time to become experts in specific domains.

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