What is a good survey question?

Maïwenn Marchand
16 Jun, 2022

Creating an effective survey is essential to get feedback from your customers. A good survey allows you to listen to your customers and improve your services. But what is a good survey question and where do you start? There are so many tools to create a survey and so many different techniques. Find out in this article what a good survey question is.

survey question in your survey

Why is it important to ask good survey questions?

Your survey questions are the key to finding out what your customers think. They need to be clear and concise but above all, they need to give you the right information. It’s also important to do your survey at the right stage of the customer’s journey to give you solid data on your customers’ needs and motivations. The channel you choose for your survey (email, SMS, voice, web link) is also important. Depending on this, choosing the right wording for your survey questions will save you time!

How to conduct your surveys

The channel and type of survey you choose will depend on your objectives, resources and budget. For example, if you want to do a good survey, create survey questions that people can understand easily. Your customers will be more eager to respond to a simple survey and you’ll increase the number of responses and information to gather. Use a survey with an easy-to-use interface to create attractive and interactive survey templates. Many tools make it easy to create and distribute surveys, collect data and analyse responses.

If you want to survey specific topics on the website or your products quickly, use a feedback tool displayed every time a user visits. A user feedback tool is a tool used on your website or mobile application to find out about users’ experience with your online service. This tool helps answer the question “why do your visitors behave the way they do on your website or application?

What is a good survey question?

A good survey question is one that gives you clear and essential information about your customers. Your survey questions help you to know your target audience better, how to set your prices, whether your products are appreciated by your target audience, and what you could improve or change. It can also help you improve your customer service and improve your FAQ by collecting users’ questions.

Also, learn what prevents people from buying from you or why visitors leave your website. With all this information you can improve and decrease your churn rate! Once you have all this information, adapt your website, your products, your landing pages and/or your messages. Improve the user experience, customer experience and increase your conversions as well as happy customers.

Why you should conduct a survey with the right tool?

  • Test your customers’ level of satisfaction
  • Find potential flaws in your business processes
  • Analyse your brand awareness and analyse your competitors
  • Gather feedback from customers or employees about your product or service
  • Analyse market trends in the context of the launch of a new product or service
  • Conduct relevant research afterwards and make informed and productive decisions
  • Understand better the expectations of employees and customers and optimise your services

Ready to survey? Surveys can help you build brand awareness and understand what is missing to become a leader in your market. Don’t hesitate to ask our experts to guide you in creating your custom survey with multi-channel tools.

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