What Does CPaaS Mean?

Gaël Matendo
25 Nov, 2020

Today, customers expect to interact with companies by using their favourite channel. We live in a society where the customer experience becomes more and more powerful. Maybe, you’ve already thought of creating your communication platform? However, it’s expensive and it takes time. What if a CPaaS was the solution to these issues? First of all, let’s explain what a « CpaaS » is.

What does CpaaS mean?

What is a CpaaS provider?

CPaaS stands for Communication Platform as a Service. It’s a cloud-based platform that allows companies to integrate real-time communications strategies by using different channels.  A CpaaS allows companies to interact with customers in the most adapted channel. Indeed, working with a CpaaS provider offers superior engagement from your end-users. CPaaS includes SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, RCS and many other channels. These are integrated through API’s (Application Program Interfaces).

Why you should use a CPaaS for your business

There are a lot of companies that communicate without a CPaaS. Companies that decide to manage their communications themselves are quickly overwhelmed by the workload. Most of the time, employees are not able to manage all the demands and this has consequences on customer service.

Companies who communicate without CPaaS can’t provide real-time solutions. Some of them invest a lot of time and money to create their own platform. The problem is that they need a large team of developers and it costs a lot of money. By creating their own communication architecture, companies choose themselves the channels through which they want to communicate instead of using users’ favourite channel. With our experience, we can help companies choosing the right channel for their users. Don’t hesitate to ask our experts.

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How do companies communicate effectively?

Innovative companies use a CPaaS

Communication Platform as a Service allows companies to interact with their customers all around the world. Indeed, you only pay for the solutions you need and use. With that solution, companies can answer to their customer’s communication preferences quickly, integrating everything from SMS appointment reminders, payment reminders to video support services.

A Communication Platform as a Service is also about to help to increase customer engagement by setting up automated and personalised multi-channel campaigns. Indeed, the platform creates a personalised journey for each customer.

Benefits of using a Communication Platform as a Service:

  • Is quick & easy;
  • Is customisable;
  • Saves time & money;
  • Allows 24/7 support;
  • Allows to collect data; 
  • Reduce the workflow;
  • Improves customer experience;
  • Enable to communicate globally;
  • Enable real-time communication.

« Thanks to CpaaS, your company provides 24/7 support and enables multi-channel communication with your end-users »
G. Docq, COO of RingRing

The Future of CpaaS

In conclusion, this tool has become necessary for any growing company that has many customers, suppliers or other contacts. It works with a multi-channel communication approach that guarantees a seamless customer experience. By using a complete platform, companies can provide 24/7 support through automation. With automatic personalised SMS, companies are sure to always be connected to their customers all around the world.

Note that many other technological advances will reinforce the benefits of CPaaS. Artificial intelligence and bots for example. Machines are becoming smarter and closer to human communication. Artificial intelligence will be used to develop CPaaS even more. Try for yourself, test our platform for free for 14 days!

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