What Are the Benefits and Applications of CPaaS?

Coline Constant
6 Jun, 2023

CPaaS is more and more present in businesses, but what is a Communication Platform as a Service exactly? Because there is a wide variety of possible applications, it’s sometimes difficult to understand what you can achieve with a CPaaS. And also what are CPaaS benefits? After reading this article, CPaaS will have almost no secrets for you. Ready?

What is CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service)?

Communication Platform as a Service, or CPaaS, allows you to easily integrate real-time communication channels for business. And this, without investing time and money in backend infrastructure or user interfaces. The sending of automated SMSvoice calls or e-mails can be implemented easily, without developing internal solutions. Isn’t that great news?

Applications and Benefits of CPaaS

You can use a Communication Platform as a Service to simplify processes, drive sales or save precious work time. Its applications are limitless. Let’s have a look at various scenarios to give you an understanding of some of its possibilities:

Benefits of CPaas and Applications

Send reminders

One of the benefits of CPaaS is related to the organisation. How often do you or your colleagues have to spend time just reminding your customers of their commitments?

CPaas Reminders

Your sales team faces a high no-show rate of leads or customers? Do they need to reschedule or send manual appointment reminders? With CPaaS, you will reduce the no-show rate by sending out automated appointment reminders. Per SMS or automated voice calls, for example.

Is your financial department spending valuable time on processing unpaid invoices? To reduce costs, you could use CPaaS to send out automated payment reminders.

Reminders can also boost your conversion rates. By sending out personal and efficient contract or subscription reminders, you give customers the opportunity to act and react immediately. They will never forget to renew their engagement with your company.

Boost Sales and Marketing

You can use CPaaS to improve your marketing and drive sales in an easy way. Scenario’s in which you could use CPaaS for marketing purposes are infinite. Either to send out automated SMS or voice calls to your customers.

You can drive sales by informing your customers of a specific promotion. Or maybe by sending out product availability alerts per SMS. Getting your customers to participate in interactive games through phone calls or organising phone voting’s can also serve that purpose. There is really no limit.

CPaas Sales Marketing

Another benefit of CPaaS is that using CPaaS can significantly improve the customer experience. For example, you can implement IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for your customer service. This is called customer self-service. And it will allow your customers to receive pre-recorded answers to frequently asked questions and so avoid waiting time. If their question is more specific, IVR will immediately connect them to the right spokesperson within your company.

Statistics are certainly very important to your business. And this is great because a CPaaS platform provides you with the insight you need on the communications you send out. And it allows you to follow up your internal statistics. Do you need information straight from your customers? You can easily create your own customer surveys. And send them out per SMS or automated voice calls to get the feedback you need. They can be as simple as evaluating scores like the NPS® (Net Promoter Score) with one unique message. Or get more complex information for in-depth insight on your customers. And you can choose to use SMS or voice calls or a combination of both. It’s up to you.

CPaas Security

Strengthen Security

Security is a big deal for business. This is why you need to do everything you can to ensure it. And with CPaaS, it is simple.

Is access to your website, application or intranet secure enough? Improve your online security with a one-time password. Then only the people that are meant to be on your networks can access information. With a CPaaS, there is nothing easier: implement automated SMS from a CPaaS and deliver the access code to the user. And that’s it.

Simplify Crisis Communication

CPaas Crisis Communication

Do you sometimes face a situation in which you need people to be notified of as quickly as possible? Thanks to a CPaaS, you can coordinate your crisis communication efficiently. With clicking one button, you can send out SMS or pre-recorded voice messages to all the people that need to be informed. So, you’re sure they receive the information as soon as possible. Easy, fast, and practical.

Are your crises recurrent? You can also trigger your alerts automatically.

What Are the Benefits of CPaaS?

Through these applications, you have discovered several advantages of CPaaS.

But the main benefit of using a CPaaS is that it will significantly reduce your company’s development time and costs. Your developers don’t need to create user interfaces and a backend infrastructure to support your communication through multiple channels. They will have access to the platform’s product documentation and extensive customer support. So, you can start communicating with your customers as soon as possible.

In other words, CPaaS is efficient, easy and flexible.

Some CPaaS, like RingRing’s, also lets you choose between standard, ready to use solutions, APIs or tailor-made solutions. Whatever you need, RingRing has it.

And you can make a 14-day free trial! Try it now or contact our sales (sales@ringring.be).

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