Use SMS Marketing To Promote Your Business on Black Friday

Gaël Matendo
19 Oct, 2021

Every year, we all receive numerous advertisements for Black Friday: e-mails, social media posts, even snail mail advertisements. But what is Black Friday exactly? Should you use SMS marketing to promote Black Friday? We decided to analyse the results of the amount of SMS sent by our customers during that period. This way you can get an idea of what others do and prepare your SMS campaign for Black Friday.

SMS campaign for black friday

As most of you probably know by now, Black Friday is a commercial event coming from the United States. It takes place on the 4th Friday of November, the day after Thanksgiving. During this event, most stores in the United States give massive discounts on their products. This period traditionally launches the Christmas shopping season.

Given the success of Black Friday, the event crossed the sea and arrived in Europe several years ago. Simultaneously, online shops created their version of the event called Cyber Monday. To sum up, Black Friday is today considered as a global event that lasts from the day after Thanksgiving until Cyber Monday, so four days of online and offline discounts.

A record amount of SMS sent on Black Friday

Among other products, RingRing offers SMS solutions to its customers. We decided to analyse our data on the Black Friday period to see if our customers used this communication channel to inform them about their offers for this special day. Indeed, for several consecutive years, the record of SMS sent on Black Friday has been exploding.

First of all, we saw a record of the amount of SMS sent in one day by our customers on Black Friday itself. Second of all, a more precise analysis allowed us to find out optimal sending times and speculate on the customer’s strategies.

An ideal tool for Retailers and E-commerces

Every year, more and more SMS are sent on Black Friday. Logical, given the returns on investment. Most of our customers who use these tools are retailers or e-commerce platforms. They organise effective SMS marketing campaigns to convert during this period. In our customers, all types of sectors have used SMS to promote their products and communicate during Black Friday. Whether it is clothing shops, food shops, electronic shops, car dealers and more. By the way, we propose you some concrete examples of SMS types that you can send during black Friday.

Black Friday T

When are people sending out their Black Friday SMS campaign?

The primary sending day is of course on Black Friday itself. On that day, we saw an increase of 104% of sent SMS compared to an average Friday. On the second place comes Thanksgiving with an increase of 58% compared to an average Thursday. This probably means that our customers are sending their deals out a day early to prepare customers.

During the weekend, our customers continued sending out SMS: an increase of 25% on Saturday and 40% on Sunday compared to their respective averages. This leads us to think that our customers have extended Black Friday until Cyber Monday and that they have sent reminders to their customers.

What is the perfect time to send out my Black Friday SMS Marketing Campaign?

Our customers seem to have preferred 3-time slots to send out their communications: 8.00 am, 10.00 am and 8.00 pm. The beginning of the afternoon (from 1.00 pm until 3.00 pm) was also a popular sending time. The time and day of sending are decisive for a successful campaign. Of course, these times are not the only ones that work. A successful campaign is above all a targeted campaign. You need to know your audience at your fingertips in order to offer them the right SMS at the right time!

Want to go further and get some free templates to use SMS to promote Black Friday?

With this, you should have a bit more insight on how to send your SMS campaign. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help with the implementation!

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