The Perfect End-Of-Summer Customer Engagement Strategy

Maïwenn Marchand
9 Aug, 2022

Even though the sun is still shining, and the heat is still on… it’s time to prepare your customer engagement strategy for the back-to-school season. Our marketing team has put together some ideas to help you engage with your network. Discover 5 ideas to attract customers and boost your conversions.

1. Summer comes to an end!

Summer is coming to an end, the best time to engage with customers by organising one last summer sale or promotion on your products. Also prepare your campaigns for next season’s new products or services. Engage with your customers in an interactive way on the networks by asking where they went on vacation, their favorite places, best memories… Don’t hesitate to engage via SMS to remind your customers and users that you are present.

It’s time to gently restart the machine!

2. Back to school

Late summer also means back-to-school! Whether you’re a retail business selling school supplies, clothing or anything else, there are no favourites at the start of the new school year. All business sectors can take advantage of this period to promote their products. Indeed, September means the end of the holidays, the resumption for children but also for parents. Customers concentrate on the house, the administrative side, the bills, life gets back on track!

Take the opportunity to engage more than ever with your users. Make offers and promotions for the new school year! Indeed, the expenses will be numerous for consumers. Make contests via SMS for the back-to-school season to increase your visibility and sales. Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns by creating creative email, SMS and multi-channel campaigns.

3. Diversify your channels & content

As consumers’ attention span decreases more and more, it is necessary to constantly renew yourself in the creation of content. This doesn’t mean stopping writing, especially not! Indeed, written content is always vital for SEO. But as in the choice of channels used (sms, mail, bots …) it is necessary to diversify content formats.

Make video, customer cases, engage with your customers via surveys, ask them about networks, in short, get them to participate! Your audience is the key to success. If you know your audience, you will know what content to offer them and how to improve. A simple example: Marketers who add video to their strategy have seen revenue growth 49% faster than those who do not.

4. Try Cooperative Marketing

Back to work means also renewing and testing new strategies. Why not try to find new partners or win-win collaborations? Above all, what’s co-operative marketing really all about? As Hubspot explains in its article, “It’s when several companies work together to produce a larger, more valuable offer for customers“.

You can partner with both complementary and direct competitors. The trick is to collaborate on a product or service and take advantage of this complementarity to increase your visibility. For a good customer engagement strategy, grouping your audiences will build brand awareness.

5. Try out new tools

In September, it’s also an opportunity to innovate! If it is not already the case, why not test innovative tools such as chatbots or voice bots. In the context of an e-commerce site, a chatbot can allow you to find out more about your customers. During the checkout, notify the user and ask if they need help or if they enjoyed their customer experience.

In other larger sectors such as retailers (energy suppliers, telecom) bots can be used to answer frequently asked questions from your customers and can be a great way to drain a call center.

Start now to activate your marketing strategy for September. Engage with your customers, ask more questions. Engage with relevant content, experiment with new communication channels and personalise your customer experience.
Want help engaging with your customers? Contact us and our team of experts will offer you personalised solutions!

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