Take your customer support to the next level with conversational AI chatbot

Maïwenn Marchand
28 Jun, 2022

Today, more and more companies are using chatbots to improve their customer service. Artificial intelligence can have a surprising impact on your business. Discover in this article how to take your customer support to the next level with an AI chatbot.

How conversational AI chatbots are redefining customer support?

The use of chatbots in the customer service industry is growing rapidly. According to several estimates, more than 67% of consumers worldwide used a chatbot for customer support in 2020. Chatbots can save companies up to 30% in customer support costs by speeding up response times and answering 80% of common questions. As consumers want quick and efficient help, bots can be a big advantage.

Bots interactions are added and improved with human intervention. Then, based on learning from past conversations, AI trainers add more interaction paths that users can have. Trainers can add dialogues, add flows, remove content etc. 

By using scriptedconversations, bots can provide consistent responses and avoid giving customers irrelevant information. This is called intent-based routing: AI trainers train the bot to understand users’ input. Also, they direct these users to a certain flow that is matched with that user input. Chatbots increase customer engagement by using conversational design and user data to make interactions more interactive. The AI trainer and conversation design specialist are centric on the evolution of the bot. They form, create, train and enhance the bot’s capabilities. Also, the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) gets better over time based on previous conversations.

Use conversational AI for your customer service

Conversational AI is a cost-effective alternative to agent-assisted conversations. With conversational AI chatbots, it is easier to provide better quick support at various touchpoints of the customer journey. You can streamline the processes and enhance customer engagement. 

Conversational AI bots make use of specific Machine learning tasks, such as Natural Language Processing & Natural Language Understanding. This gives the bot the ability to compute & “understand” human input. It analyses customer messages in real-time to understand intent, context and sentiment. Bots give instant responses using customers’ preferred voice and tone thanks to AI. They can recognize and answer many forms of the same question. Also, bots can handle multiple queries at once. For example, an AI chatbot is an asset for call centres that sometimes face long waiting times. This is what makes chatbots a natural fit for customer service

Why you should use chatbots for your customer support

With AI chatbots, you can streamline every aspect of your customer support processes. Help your team and your customers achieve their goals faster. AI chatbots have several benefits for customer service:

1. Help your customers 24/7

Chatbots never sleep, they are 24/7 available agents that provide continuous customer service. They allow you to provide consistent support across all channels and let your customers solve their problems whenever they want. Most consumers want a quick response at any time. They also want more self-help tools and to be able to find answers themselves easily without having to call or mail. The solution to keeping customers happy is a conversational AI chatbot. With a chatbot, you can offer superior, fast customer service and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Minimize your customer support costs

Indeed, chatbots allow you to improve your customer support by handling several requests at the same time. Estimate the peak time in your business and deploy bots at that moment. This will avoid monopolising several agents and allow them to focus on more important tasks.

3. More context & data for a better experience

In addition, with AI, chatbots can collect customer data that may be relevant to answer any future questions. As you probably know, customer feedback is extremely important. In order to know if your customers are satisfied, bots can collect data that you can use to improve your support.

4. Bots increase productivity

Be more productive with bots. If bots focus on frequent questions and repeated requests, your agents will focus on more complex, higher priority tasks. As your bots will handle large requests, and sort out and avoid queues, your service will be more productive.

5. Reduce support tickets

Solving your customers’ problems directly is very important. If you don’t do this, your customers will be disappointed or even annoyed and bad publicity can be fatal. According to IBM, every year 265 billion customer support calls are made. Companies spend up to $1.3 trillion to manage this. Avoid churn and save money in your business with conversational ai bots.

6. Automatise social media support with bots

Above all, customers want quick answers to their questions. Secondly, they want this via all existing channels, social networks being one of them. Nowadays, you have to be present on channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and webchat on your website… In order to be omnipresent and avoid hiring a full-time social networker, use a bot! Bots also allow you to build stable and long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Redefine your support experience with AI-driven chatbots

Of course, conversational AI cannot replace real human interactions. Bots can improve interactions with customers and simplify tasks or repetitions in human agents’ workflows. Therefore, human agents focus on more complex conversations. Artificialintelligence is changing the way we live and work and the way we can help our customers. As a result, using a chatbot for customer support saves you time, improves the customer experience and allows you to offer more robust support for your business.  So, you are ready to build your own bot? Create your first customer support bot now with RingRing and our bot experts. If you have any questions or need more information about the subject, contact our sales team!

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