Sms for retail: how to boost your sales

Coline Constant
24 Nov, 2022

Why using SMS for retail and how can it boost my sales?

The world of retail has changed significantly over the last few years. Even more intensively in the last few months. Connecting with users is more complex than ever. That’s why retail and texting is a perfect match. SMS in retail has a multiple impact: boost sales, increase your visibility, improve customer relations and engagement etc.

The most efficient channel for the retail industry

We’ve heard enough, the results regarding the use of SMS marketing are impressive. With an opening rate of almost 100%, a reading within five seconds, it’s one of the most creative and effective ways to be where your customer is. By sending direct messages, you also increase the loyalty of your existing customers.

In addition, most users have a smartphone, and above all, have it systematically near them. Be sure to be read! Finally, texting is an interesting financial channel for retailers. The redemption rates of SMS marketing are 3 to 4 times higher than those of e-mail marketing. The speed of this channel is also very interesting. Messages are transmitted to the recipients in a few seconds. Your campaign will therefore be more interactive and engaging!

discount SMS

Get customers passing your door

SMS is a great way to boost sales and propose special offers to customers. As it is a direct channel, take advantage of it to send out information when your stores reopen. Re-connect with customers by sending an « exclusive » SMS allowing your customers to get discounts or other promotions in advance. Send them exclusive vouchers that they will have to show at the checkout for example.

Use direct messages for sales or promotion

Promotional SMS works for retailers. This has already been proven many times, SMS and retail are a perfect match. Send discount vouchersspecial promotions or communicate during sales periods. You can promote a new store or a new website. Add links directly in the SMS to increase mobile traffic. As you can program the sending of your SMS messages, make sure that they are received by your customers at an ideal time. Typically on a Saturday morning while they are shopping.

sales and promotion message
loyalty program SMS

Improve the efficiency of your loyalty programs

Offering customers the opportunity to sign up for a loyalty program via SMS is a good loyalty strategy. By exploiting the SMS channel, you not only retain existing customers but also attract new ones. Moreover, you can collect useful data for the future in order to offer a better customer experience. In order to build loyalty with your audience, send them exclusive offers, gift vouchers etc. Offers that they get exclusively via your SMS loyalty program.

Make contests to build brand awareness

In order to increase audience’s loyalty and visibility, many retailers organise attractive winning games. The results of contests are always impressive, whether by the number of participants or by the word of mouth it creates. Moreover, « gamification » has always attracted users and is highly appreciated.

contest message
delivery notification

Send delivery notification and purchase notification

For retail, sending delivery and purchase notifications is also essential. After a person has made a purchase on the website, send a text message to thank them and give them a detailed summary of their purchase. This message can then be followed up with a delivery notice that further enhances the customer experience. Finally, if you offer an online service or trial offers, use the SMS to send an activation code for example.

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