SMS: an effective tool to inform during pandemic

Gaël Matendo
13 Mar, 2020

In times of crisis, it is easy to notice an increase in internal and external communication. The last pandemic has demonstrated that. Using SMS during a pandemic can be very effective. This concerns a majority of sectors and organisations. Indeed, we have the desire and the need to inform our stakeholders (employees, partners, suppliers …) and all the people directly or indirectly affected by our activity. In order to warn them about the risks that we are incurring at a specific time, texting would be one of the most effective ways.

The impact of SMS during a crisis

Crisis communication management is not always easy to achieve. What tool to use, for whom at what time? In a world dominated by the smartphone, it is important to adapt to the new habits of both consumers and employees. Therefore, there are solutions to be found in order to be able to disseminate information quickly and qualitatively. Using SMS during a pandemic to contact your stakeholders is one of them.

Nowadays, we are in daily contact with the outside world thanks to our smartphone. Our mobile follows us everywhere and allows us to be contacted at any time. Even without an adequate internet connection, bulk text messages can be used in remote areas. With an opening rate of around 97% and a deliverability of 99%, SMS is the fastest and most reliable communication tool during crisis. However, it is therefore necessary to have a good communication strategy and to optimise its management.

Belgian’s embassies

For instance, Belgian’s Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs is responsible for Belgian embassies around the world, the protection of travellers and workers abroad, and legislation, among others.

As Belgium is represented around the world through its embassies. In some countries, there is a genuine risk of safety and health. Therefore, Belgian’s Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs wanted to inform people working and travelling abroad of particular risks.

We provided Belgian embassies in 21 cities worldwide with an SMS solution. The goal was to send warnings or other messages through bulk SMS to all respondents during a crisis.

The Belgian embassies use the crisis communication solution when there’s a real danger. Belgian people in the concerned regions get an SMS as soon as there’s a threat. So, they can make sure they’re safe as soon as possible.

Crisis communication strategy must be based on the challenges your company organisation faces. Also, on the objectives you want to achieve.

The main ones currently encountered by all clients are :

  • Reduce costs
  • Communicate quickly
  • Portability of information
  • Personalisation of the sent message
  • Tracking and monitoring of message deliverability

Whatever it takes, companies are now more inclined to inform all stakeholders about their organisation as quickly as possible. All of it, on an international scale. Using text message during a crisis was one of the best options. So why don’t try to do that with bulk SMS application ?

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