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Gaël Matendo
10 Jun, 2021

When sending out SMS, you can choose to do so with different tools. To gain efficiency, it is important to choose the right tool for the right communication. But what tool should you choose? Send SMS from your mailbox with Email To SMS can be a good option for fewer contacts. On the other side, an SMS campaign Manager can be useful for a bigger amount of contacts. In this article, we’ll go over the different possibilities and dig a bit deeper into the Email to SMS tool, which is often a forgotten channel.

Send SMS from your email with ringring

Choose the correct tool to send your SMS

The tool you are going to use is mainly defined by the amount of SMS you are going to send and the type of content you want to send. To know if you should send SMS via your mailbox, you have to ask yourself the right questions. If you are going to send out only one SMS, you are probably just going to grab your smartphone and write it. If you want to send more, you should ask yourself a few questions. Do I need to send out more than 20 SMS? Should the content be personalised per user? Do I need to receive answers or have statistics on the SMS?

Depending on the answers, you would either choose Email to SMS or the SMS Campaign Manager. Email to SMS allows you to write an email that is immediately converted into an SMS and sent to a smartphone. This solution is perfect for communications towards small or recurrent groups. Or, if you need to send multiple SMS throughout the day, such as in a customer support department.

SMS Campaign Manager would be more suited than sending an SMS from your Email if you need to send campaigns to your customer database. This tool allows the personalization of content and the sending of mass SMS. Both SMS Campaign Manager and Email to SMS allow you to receive answers from the recipients and to follow statistics on delivery through an online interface.

How does Email to SMS work and when is it better to use it?

Email to SMS converts your email to an SMS, without integrating any software. It’s as simple as that: you write an email; your recipient receives an SMS. If someone answers your SMS, you will receive the answer directly in your inbox.

Using Email to SMS (i.e. send SMS from your email) is often more convenient than using the SMS Campaign Manager. It does not require entering a platform, creating a new campaign, naming it and clicking on send. The tool is especially suited for employee communication or repetitive sending of SMS during the day.

Let’s say your company has quite a lot of visitors and your company is quite big. The person that welcomes the visitors probably calls the employee that he’s meeting to let them know of his arrival. If the employee is not at his desk at that moment, he might miss the call, leading to several attempts to reach the correct contact. With Email to SMS, instead of placing a call, the person at the welcome can simply send them an email that would be received as an SMS.

Now, imagine that you want to remind your employees who is on duty each night. You can send out an email with a reminder only to the people you select. A lot easier than filtering your database or directory to send out a campaign through a platform! If your team is quite big but you would still prefer to use Email to SMS to contact them, you can create lists in your email client to make groups.

When is it better to use SMS Campaign Manager?

Email to SMS does not allow the personalisation of the content with placeholders. The text you write is the text that is going to be sent. Let’s say you want to address the recipient by its name, you can use a placeholder – a piece of text that will be replaced with customer-specific information from your database upon sending.

If you want to send out a big amount of SMS, it’s also probably better to not use Email to SMS. The SMS Campaign Manager will allow you to upload your file directly instead of writing each recipient’s information into an email. For example, if you want to send marketing communications, an SMS campaign manager will be more adapted.

If you still hesitate on which tool to use, contact our team of experts, they will guide you!

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