Send SMS delivery reminders to your customers to collect their deliveries

Gaël Matendo
30 Mar, 2021

If you’re delivering products to your customers, you know that the right information at the right time is essential. In a time when collect & go is becoming a very common service, customers like to be kept informed of the status of their deliveries. People want to know all about the status of their order, at any given time. Also, you don’t want hundreds – or even thousands – of people calling your customer service department about their order statuses. That’s where SMS delivery notifications come in. 

Send SMS delivery reminders for collect & go

Do you have a good product? Do something people want to pay for? Great! But have you considered your service level and the effectiveness of your operations? Automated transactional communication, with SMS notifications and bots, can help your company in creating an effective flow of information. At the same time, thanks to SMS delivery reminders, you’ll leverage the satisfaction of your customers.

Delivery notifications, made simple

Automated transactional communication and moreover SMS delivery notifications will save you money. But that’s not even the greatest benefit. Because customers get the information they want, whenever they need it. Moreover, the information is 100% error-free. That’s a great way to bring customers’ satisfaction to a higher level.
Automated transactional communication is… you guessed it: automated. So, as soon as it has been set up, it does the work for you. The only thing you have to care about is to continue creating great products and inspiring marketing campaigns. Do you feel the weight on your shoulders being lifted yet?

SMS delivery notifications: the ones your clients read

Shipping products to customers is a step-by-step process. Your customers want to get information about every step that’s relevant to them. Each step is an opportunity to interact with your customers and to strengthen the relationship with them. SMS delivery notifications are easy to integrate into your systems and will save you a considerable amount of time and money. 

It’s important to send your customers SMS delivery reminders when:

  • Their order is confirmed
  • The order is on its way
  • The order is almost at its destination
  • You know the estimated time of delivery

Order confirmations are generally done via automated e-mails. But all other information is preferably sent by SMS. Why? Because it’s an extremely effective and almost immediate communication channel, with an open rate of 98% within 3 minutes.

Adding a bot for transactional information

Suppose your client wants to know more about an order. He can call your customer service department, but that’s time-consuming – both for him and for your company. Bots are a great way of giving your customers practical information in an automated way. Use for example a chatbot on your website or via Facebook Messenger. But also via SMS and Interactive Voice Response. A bot is easy to set up and it can grow organically with the types of questions people ask. with a complete multi-channel process, your customers will be delighted and your services will be at the forefront!

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