Perfect SMS Reminders In 4 Steps

Gaël Matendo
24 Jul, 2020

By now, you know that SMS is the ultimate weapon to reduce no-shows. SMS reminders are the perfect solution to make it happen. But they can also be used to remind users to pay their bills, or to remind them of an event. Remind an appointment or an interview. Here’s how you create a SMS reminder that’s strong and engaging, effective and easy to implement.

Perfect SMS Reminders In 4 Steps

Ready to unleash the power of SMS reminders?

Here are 4 tips for maximal effectiveness of SMS reminders :

1. Send them one or two days in advance

An SMS is an immediate way of communicating: people read it as soon as they get it. And they act upon it directly. Sending your SMS reminders too soon will not give your customer a sense of urgency, so there’s a risk that your message will be forgotten. Send your SMS reminders 24 or – at most – 48 hours before the appointment takes place.

2. To the point

Don’t forget the fact that you’re sending a reminder. So don’t be tempted to add commercial messages to it. Write brief and simple, and only give the practical information your customer needs for his appointment: date and timeplace and contact person. That’s the only way to create effective text message reminders.

3. Short and personal

An SMS is always short. And that’s a good thing. So, keep it that way. There’s nothing more annoying than receiving SMS reminder that takes you to scroll three times to read it. Short doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to use abbreviations; some people might not understand the SMS language you use for your friends and family. And please be cautious with smileys. 🙂

4. Introduce a call to action

In your SMS reminders, always ask your customer for an action, for example to confirm the appointment or to inform you when he or she won’t make it. Or just to put the appointment in his or her agenda.

Try it now!

There’s nothing like giving it a try on yourself. Many companies have already improved their results thanks to SMS. Don’t wait any longer, try it yourself for free for 14 days with 20 free SMS!

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