Make a cheaper and effective survey with automated voice

Maïwenn Marchand
9 Aug, 2021

Measuring the experience customers have with the customer service department takes time, effort and money. But did you ever heard about automated voice surveys? Your customer satisfaction survey could save you an immense amount of time and money and make your customers happy! Let’s see how. 

automate surveys with voice

Introducing: the automated voice survey

After a phone call with your customer service department, you can make an automated voice survey. It’s an automated call performed seconds after the call by a bot to your client. This allows you to have their feedback as close to their experience as possible. With an automated script and voice recognition, the comments of your customers are directly processed. You get instant information and have the opportunity to intervene before damage is done.

Get the best out of your voice survey

Everyone can implement a call centre voice survey. The challenge is to realise one that works and delivers its promises. Follow these few steps to get the best out of your automated voice survey.

Make your automated voice survey short

Don’t look at your survey as an opportunity to ask your clients about all aspects of your company. That’s not only irrelevant, it will also reduce customer commitment, and increase irritation. Surveys with automated voice should stay short and simple. Think about what you want to know. And focus on that. Make sure your post-call survey takes 2 minutes at most. Otherwise, you could face a significant drop-off.

Develop relevant questions in your survey

Develop questions that are relevant to the feedback you want to have.

Ask relevant and useful questions. If you want more information about the quality of your customer service, do not ask how long it took your customer to find the customer service telephone number. Before thinking about the questions, analyse the quantitative and qualitative information you need. Of course, with a service like RingRing, we can help you in creating relevant questions. With relevant feedback, your automated voice survey results will help you improve your services.

Keep your survey questions simple

Not all respondents will understand questions with complex words or complicated sentence structures. Always look for the easiest alternatives for your automated voice survey questions. Keep it short and simple. When you participate in a survey, you are already doing so willingly. You don’t want to answer a long and incomprehensible automated survey.

Develop restricted questions

Although open-ended questions could provide you with rich qualitative data, the interpretation of the answers is time-consuming. Try to ask restricted questions in your automated voice survey, with ordered alternatives. Thanks to this, your database can automatically process short answers. You will then have a clear and instant view of respondents’ feedback.

Ask for help to create your survey

At RingRing, we develop effective voice surveys that are ready to use. With made-to-measure voice scenarios and an effective way of collecting and displaying data. So why not consult us? Get in touch. We’d like to help.

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