How To Send An SMS From Your Mailbox

Gaël Matendo
19 Feb, 2021

Sometimes you may need to send an SMS when your phone is out of range. In various sectors, turning an email into an SMS instantly can be very useful. In the case of alerts for example. Whatever the reason, it is sometimes necessary to send SMS from your email account, and quickly! But how does it work and which tool to use?

Difference between Bulk SMS and Email To SMS

At the SMS level, two types of solutions are frequently used. “Send SMS” and “Email to SMS“. While the “Send SMS” product focuses on sending mass messages, Email to SMS is a quick and easy way to send a single SMS to a recipient from his or her mailbox. Many customers use this service to send SMS from their own customised software, without having to implement an API. Simply send an email and the message will be sent by SMS to your recipient.

How to send an SMS from your mailbox?

Just as you can send an email with a text message, you can send an SMS via email. Thanks to our portal, several of our customers already use this solution. Sending an SMS from your mailbox can be useful for many sectors. Find out how it works in our system:

  1. You send an email from an email address that you have authorized in the Email to SMS application on the RingRing portal;
  2. You then simply fill in the recipient’s cell phone number in the format 32478123456 +;
  3. For the message body, type the message you want to send;
  4. Either you write your message without “end” and all your mail will be converted to SMS;
  5. You write your message and use the <END> tag at the end of your message. All the above <END> is transmitted. You do this for example if your mail has a signature and you don’t want this signature to be sent.

RingRing will transform the message from the mail to an SMS and send the message to the mobile phone number that was indicated in the email address. Note that one SMS contains 160 characters. If you send a long message, each part of 160 words equals one message.

Send SMS from your mailbox: for whom?

  • Companies and organisations that want to implement SMS in their business processes without any IT integration;
  • Companies whose staff has limited access to the internet (call centres, banks, social groups, etc…);
  • Firms that use email as their main communication channel.

Sending an SMS from your mailbox doesn’t just mean sending an email as an SMS. You can link this mail to several mobile numbers to contact the relevant people in the company at the right time. In the case of alerts, Email to SMS can be very useful when linked to one of your internal monitoring tools.

Why using Email to SMS?

Thanks to Email to SMS, integrate the sending and receiving of SMS in the daily life of your organisation. Your customers, employees or partners have a cell phone or smartphone that accompanies them at all times. This is why it is useful to transform some email into an SMS. More direct and more efficient!

If you also, you want to try Email to SMS, don’t hesitate to try our platform for free during 14 days!

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