How IVR System Can Benefit Your Sales

Maïwenn Marchand
13 Dec, 2022

In today’s climate, it’s essential to stay connected and reactive to your customers’ needs. RingRing is here to support customers and remove communication barriers through various solutions. Here, IVR system can be a boost to your customer experience, your support, but also your sales.

IVR benefits sales

What is an IVR system (Interactive Voice Response)?

We’ve all been faced with the following message: “Press 1 for the help desk, press 2 to speak to the sales department”. The computerized voice that directs you to the right department based on your selection on the telephone keypad is powered by the IVR. IVR, or interactive voice response, is the technology that allows callers to navigate a phone system before speaking to a human agent.

How easy is it to integrate an IVR into my business?

Most cloud-based IVR providers (like RingRing) make IVR simple for your business. The technical aspects involve computer telephony integration (CTI) and other components such as VoIP over the Internet for phone call routing, a telephony server, a database with real-time information… All of this may sound technical but don’t worry, that’s the job of IVR providers! All you need to do is create a custom tree to route callers in an intelligent way (hand in hand with our experts). The caller dials a number and is greeted by a pre-recorded voice that offers various options.

Should I implement an IVR to improve my sales?

IVR systems help companies and call centers handle more phone calls for each operator by automating the first few levels of questions. When callers dial a particular number and are greeted by the IVR system, it is called an inbound IVR. Outbound IVR is used for mass calls, collecting surveys, or other phone calls that your company might make on a large scale. In both cases, IVR can help you boost your sales. Discover here why you should implement an IVR system in your sales process.

Yes, because the IVR system improves customer engagement

Integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) software with IVR allows you to personalize calls with your customers. As the IVR performs an initial sort and adds information to your database, your sales team can extract key information from past calls, transaction history, and special requests to provide highly personalized service. In addition, more and more companies are adopting IVR to learn about their customers through telephone surveys, polls and marketing campaigns and tailor their messages accordingly.

Yes, because the IVR system improves ROI

IVR saves time and costs while increasing the efficiency of your sales team. Customers want answers fast. By providing them with a self-service IVR, your customers will be satisfied and bring you more business. A relationship of trust and satisfaction will be established and they will be more willing to discuss new services. In addition, IVR is more cost-effective than creating an entirely in-house system on your end. This is a significant saving for your business.

Yes, because it gives you a more professional image

In the past, IVR systems were very expensive. In addition, the hardware and infrastructure needed to support them was also expensive. Many companies still associate IVRs with large, high-budget corporate solutions, but today IVRs are more accessible and easy to integrate via the cloud. Therefore, you can use an enterprise-grade IVR system that can help you project a more professional image without breaking the bank. The IVR system will improve your company’s image and make your sales team even more convincing. 

How to create an IVR system your customers will love (and improve sales)

To create an IVR experience your customers will love, your IVR system should be clear. First, have a clear welcome message. This is your first impression! Keep your IVR menu simple and succinct. Avoid bouncing your caller from agent to agent, which leads to exasperation and a bad experience. Keeping track of the caller’s preferences can also be a very positive point. If one of your customers calls and you address them in the right language, knowing their situation and their liabilities in the company, you will earn points and the sale will be easier. Finally, the most important thing is that your IVR is part of your omnichannel experience.

So now, convinced to implement an IVR system for your Sales Team?

As you can see, an IVR system is the key element of a modern company. It saves time for customers and the company. IVR allows for personalized interactions that meet the growing expectations of customers and provide pleasant experiences for callers.

For more information on creating an IVR for your business, contact our experts!

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