How IVR System Can Benefit Your Marketing

Maïwenn Marchand
9 Jun, 2022

There are many ways IVR applications can improve your marketing and marketing campaigns : build customer loyalty, improve processes or reduce costs. If you have never heard of IVR, it’s high time to take an interest! Discover in this article how IVR can boost your marketing & sales.

How IVR system can benefit your marketing and sales

Thanks to automation, you can improve many processes in a variety of industries. IVR is one of those processes!
What is IVR? According to Search Customer Experience, “IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipients”.
An IVR marketing system will help you reduce your costs while freeing up time for your team. They will be able to work on larger, more strategic projects.

IVR for Marketing Campaigns

IVR is an interesting tool to carry out a successful marketing campaign. Rather than just a basic mailing campaign, test several channels. Be innovative ! You can create an outbound campaign via Call Campaign Manager and make a contest for example. Or make outbound calls to relaunch an offer or promote a new product. After an off-peak period, propose to your customers to take up an appointment via a multiple choice in the IVR.

In the other way, you can send an SMS, mail or post on social networks a number where participating customers can call and reach an IVR system. For example, ask them to respond to a survey and try to win one of your products or a discount. This is also the opportunity to record IVR responses and contact information for future campaigns.

IVR marketing campaigns

Lead Scoring thanks to IVR system

Voice-based automation to respond to phone leads will support your sales and marketing team. You can set up a virtual call center to manage and record inbound sales calls. The IVR enables you to filter internal calls and make a “first sorting” for the sales team. Indeed, Inbound interactive voice responses are ideal for evaluating and classifying inbound leads. It is possible thanks to a Smart IVR system that segments existing customers.

With Smart I.V.R., you collect information and use it to improve the customer experience. You can also take advantage of the power of the data collected by your IVR system. With Intelligent Interactive Voice Response, you gather data and use it to accelerate processes. Knowing your customers’ backgrounds, you can offer them products and services tailored to their needs.

IVR for Customers Soliciting Reorders

Are you selling a product / service that needs to be renewed? Automate your processes with an IVR system. Save money and reduce your costs by using outbound calls to remind customers of certain orders. Automating reorders can be useful for companies that need to recommend certain equipment and supplies. For regular customers who order perishable supplies it can be a very efficient system.

Improve customer experience with IVR

Conduct IVR phone surveys to measure and improve your customer support. With the IVR system, easily measure the quality of your services through telephone surveys. These surveys can be done at the end of the call with an agent or salesperson. Interactive Voice Response system asks how the call went on a scale of 1 to 10 for example. With this system, your team can get immediate results and perform quick analysis.

Like the automated marketing campaigns, you can create two types of IVR surveys. Outbound and inbound surveys.
Inbound surveys allow you to request feedback directly after a call (as explained above). Outbound surveys allow you to proactively call your database after a given period of time.

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