How IVR System Can Benefit Your Marketing

Maïwenn Marchand
20 Oct, 2022

There are many ways IVR systems can improve your marketing: build customer loyalty, improve processes or reduce costs thanks to interactive voice. If you have never heard of IVR, it’s high time to take an interest! Discover in this article how IVR can boost your marketing & sales.

IVR marketing campaigns

What is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR system)?

What is IVR? According to Search Customer Experience, “IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipients”. An IVR system will help you improve your marketing and reduce your costs while freeing up time for your team. They will be able to work on larger, more strategic projects.

How easy is it to integrate an IVR into my company?

Since your IVR will be the first interaction new customers have with your company, you want the IVR system to be easy to navigate and to connect to the right person as soon as possible. You also need to be able to train agents on the features and make changes if you see problems during the implementation process. After that, like everything in marketing: test, test and test your IVR system.

Do I need to implement an IVR system to boost my marketing?

Are you using an IVR system to grow your business or your marketing? You should know that there are many ways to use IVR applications to improve your marketing and sales, build customer loyalty and reduce costs. Here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons why you should implement an IVR system in your business.

Yes, to evaluate & rank incoming leads.

Inbound IVRs are ideal for scoring phone leads. Voice-based automation will help you to support your marketing power. How does it work? IVR system allows you to screen internal calls and perform a “first triage” to help the marketing qualifying leads. Inbound IVR will segment existing customers and evaluates and classify incoming leads. If you use the BANT (budget, authority, need, timeline) model to qualify leads, you can ask the right questions to learn if callers are really ready to buy. Ask your sales managers what questions they care about in order to qualify leads and adapt your IVR to ask those questions to callers. Plus, by knowing your customers’ backgrounds, your marketing can offer products and services tailored to their needs under super-targeted campaigns

Yes, because IVR systems help you to find potential leads for your marketing campaigns

Use the IVR system to improve your marketing and website calls to action. First of all, through the in-depth analysis of your customer’s needs and the questions in your IVR. Then, by offering your customers to call a particular number to interact with your IVR (with a motivating reward). For example, « Take our short survey and win an iPad ». At the end of the call, the IVR can give them the opportunity to speak with a sales representative immediately. 

Yes, because you get to truly know your customers with IVR

Conduct IVR phone surveys to measure and improve your customer support and, most importantly, your database. With the IVR system, you can easily measure the quality of your services through telephone surveys. These surveys can be conducted with an agent or salesperson at the end of the call. The IVR system asks how the call went (often on a scale of 1 to 10). With this IVR system, your marketing team can get immediate results and perform a quick analysis. All this information will enrich your database and your marketing campaigns will be more targeted.

Change your vision and think about your customers’ needs

It’s important to remember that today’s consumers don’t care so much about developing a long business relationship with you. It’s always nice to have and maintain a good relationship with customers, but the trend these days is to do everything right away. Your customers don’t especially want to spend hours on the phone talking, they want the services they need as quickly as possible, with a minimum of interaction. IVR gives you this opportunity and will boost your marketing

So now, convinced to implement an IVR system in marketing

If you want to try using an IVR system to improve marketing, RingRing can help. We have the most easy-to-use IVR solution available today. To see our IVR solution for your company, contact us today or ask for a trial!

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